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Could this be Lupus or other autoimmune???

I've been suffering mainly stomach and fatigue symptoms which have left me bed bound for almost 4 years. I'm not getting any closer to a diagnosis as drs don't seem to have a clue what's wrong with me. As this is my only physical symptom, I was just wondering if anyone from the autoimmume community had seen anything like it before??? I have roughly 5-7 lesions all located on my scalp.
Thanks in advance for any and all replies, I know I'm just clutching at straws but it feels like if I wait for the drs to diagnose and treat me it's never going to happen.
Going to try and add photo to my photos as don't seem to be able to upload it.
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Hi, I suffered since 2012, I had rashes, gastrointestinal problems, panic attacks, joint pain, low b12, high calcium, blood count abnormal, bone marrow abnormalities, so much pain in my lower back and hip. Doctors could not tell me what was causing this, I finally was confirmed with skin lupus on my 4th skin biopsy., a couple years ago. Taking Plaquenil did not help. I tried steroids, physical therapy and methotrexate, pain always came back….about 10 days ago, I was really gassy and had the idea to try a gluten free diet! After 1 day the gas and bloat was gone, after 3 days the pain had subsided considerably. I tried wheat on the 4th day to see what would happen, sure enough the next morning I had diarrhea and pain. I have been gluten free since. Everyday I feel better, fog has lifted, pain is minimal, rashes are fading. I feel stronger. I am either celiac, gluten sensitive or allergic to wheat.
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Yes, good thinking. It can be lupus.
- cutaneous lupus
- discoid lupus rash (red, scaly patches)
- photosensitivity (skin rash in response to sunlight, e.g. scalp)
- lupus enteritis (ultrasound likely cannot distinguish from intestinal lymphangiectasia)
- lupus enteritis can prbly be focal and severe
- disproportionately affects women of childbearing age
- fatigue is common in lupus
- autonomic dysfunction can occur in lupus, including POTS

Lupus is known as the disease with a thousand faces - also the great mimic.
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