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Episcleritis autoimmune?

Hello I had a male on male unprotected anal sex exposure about a year ago. I was tested for hep a,b,c at 5 months and some days. Hep B again at 11 months and hiv at 2.5, 5 , and 11 months all negative. I have also had reacurring bouts of episcleritis and my right side has been hurting for a while know. The opthamologist said reacurring episcleritis may be a from  an autoimmune disease or any kind of inflammatory disease. I know im in the clear for hiv and hepB but should i get retested for hepc (even though its very rarely transmitted sexually) or a catscan. I scheduled a catscan for my side so hopefully they can figure out why it hurts. Waking up with my eye being all red *****..... which is scary also.
Any feedback on what i should do ? Get retested for hepC catscan anyone?
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Put this question on the Doctor Forum site for a better answer.
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