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Feeling very confused and frustrated..

I'll try to keep this condensed as possible. I've had a steady decline in health last 3 years worsening last 8 months. A year ago I started seeing rheumatologist after testing positive Ana 1:320 homogenous and 1:640 nucleolar. All other testing was negative so she said I had psoriatic arthritis and put me on humira. Even though I had all the classic symptoms of an autoimmune condition. After 7 months and steady decline in health I took myself off and told her something else was going on I was way to sick for this to be arthritis..I do have spondyloarthritis and osteoarthritis which I've had 5 surgeries on back neck and SI joint. I had 3 other Doctors tell me to find a new rheumy so I did. He's wonderful and actually listened to Everything and redid Ana and now it's 1:5120 homogenous. Aditional blood being sent to Oklahoma for scleroderma 12 panel and he told me it would take up to 3 months to get results. Since I have symptoms of both lupus and scleroderma he's waiting to make a dx. Has anyone else had this kind of testing? He started me on prednisone and plaquanel. Anyone else started on this combo off meds? I've been waiting so long for a definitive diagnosis and I keep thinking I'm going to go back to see him and he's going to say nothings wrong since that's what my prior Doctor kept saying..she really dropped the ball with me and I've suffered terribly because of it so I'm sure that's why I have this anxiety over this. This new Doctor seems wonderful so far..going to be long 3 months for results..would love to talk to anyone with similar issues.
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