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Help me figure this out ...

I've had a growing number of autoimmune symptoms since last fall. The most recent (having persisted for a few weeks now) is a weird discoloration on the back of my left thigh that, based on looking at photos, I'm thinking might be morphea/localized scleroderma.

My laundry list of other symptoms is as follows:

-Eczema, mostly on legs
-Geographic tongue
-Contact dermatitis
-Allergic asthma
-Hay fever
-Sinus pressure
-Ridged/pitted/brittle/slightly yellowish finger and toenails
-Lightheadedness on standing
-Diarrhea at least once a week (at other times, hard stools resulting in anal fissures)
-Mild nosebleeds
-Candida infections under breasts
-Frequent mild yeast infections (vaginal/anal itching)
-Other unidentified minor rashes, symmetrical, in crooks of elbows
-Raised, itchy bumps on forehead and arms that go away with in a day or two

Possibly unrelated: I've had lifelong issues with inattentive-type ADD, anhedonia, and dysthymia.

Family stuff: My mom was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a few years ago and, more recently, with asthma. She also has geographic tongue, as well as severe ADD that I would characterize as "brain fog" (bad things happen if you talk to her while she's driving or cooking. Mine's not quite that severe, but it's noticeable).

My research has pointed to something autoimmune-related and maybe a vitamin deficiency--which is strange, because I take a lot of care to get my nutrients. I eat a diverse and nutritionally rich diet, exercise regularly, and supplement my Vitamin D, omega 3, and probiotics.

Could I have celiac disease? My online research seems to point to this possibility. I didn't think my gastro symptoms where that unusual (is diarrhea once a week normal?), but apparently celiac doesn't always present with gastro symptoms, while it may present with autoimmune stuff and vitamin deficiency. Can anybody advise me on this? I'm trying to figure out how to get to a doctor soon, but there are some insurance-related obstacles to sort out first.

Appreciate the help!
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Haave you had a serious illness just before symptoms started? Long standing sinusitis? Even a mild illness under the right circumstancea can result in an autoimmune response in individuals predisposed. Sounds like mom has some kind of autoimmune as well. Ask for a test for the hlab27 gene. Go to rheumatology and if they do not listen. Find one that will .it does us no good to believe its all in our head. Good luck. Please let me know how you make out
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Mindey, there are a couple areas you should look into.

First, you should look into gene mutations.

Your cells may be repairing at a very reduces rate due to certain gene mutations.

About half or more of your symptoms could  be explained by just a MTHFR gene mutation including the  ADD, anhedonia, and dysthymia. Surprised?

You may also have  vitamin d resistance (VDR) due to various factors, one of them being a VDR polymorhism (VDR gene mutation).
In the event of VDR you may need much higher levels of D3 in order to compensate.

The next thing you should address is the Candida infection, which seems to be systemic. A compehensive anti-candida protocol.

Finally you need to rule out hypothyroidism.
The only tests which will rule out type 1 and type 2 (thyroid resistance) are : Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3. All 3 are needed.

HypoThydoidism is often undiagnosed and thyroid resistance is commonly
missed, as the standard test cannot detect it.
If your mother had undiagnosed hypothyroidism when she was pregnant with you, there's a likelihood you have been hypothyroid too all along (undiagnosed).

You can check online for gene testing. I have used 23andme,the cheapest
one at  just over $100.00, however,they offer no analysis and no explanation. Do a search for that
You can use Nutrahacker  at a cost of $37 for the complete personalized  assessment, nutritional guide and interactive tool, once you have the testing results back form 23andme
Just visit their website for details.

Usually people with a "laundry list" of conditions, specially unexplained,
have various gene mutations.

Let me know, if you need any help or any further details, however, please note that my comments are not intended to replace medical advice.

Best wishes.

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