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I think I havfe Ankylosing spondylitis

I am pretty desperate at this point and any ideas can't hurt.  

I am a 44 old male and developed bruise like rashes around my trunk or mid-section and a biopsy was performed and showed a possible connective tissue disorder however it was dismissed by a rheumatologist as an unknown skin condition.  I also have stenosis and spondylitis in my lower back in wich I have had surgorey with six screws and did not help and now it is in my neck.  My ankles get swollen and sometimes I can't even walk. I have serious joint problems in my knees, wrist, hips and my ribs in my back area hurt at night. I get night sweats and chills at the same time and have to go to the bathroom several time at night.

At about the same time I started to get leg tremors when I try walking down stairs, bending over or strenuous activity and now get them in my arms and shoulders.  

I have recently was admitted into the hospital for colitis or and upper GI bleed and have had stomach problems for sometime now.  

I also am a long time Cluster Headache sufferer for more that twenty years and have turned chronic.
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I really think you probably have more than one thing going on.  Does the back dr. think the leg tremors and pain is associated with the back problems?  

"Bruise-like rash" ...I can't imagine what that might be that would be connective tissue related.  If it were purpura it wouldn't biopsy as such (I wouldn't think).  Purpura forms when the platlets aren't working correctly and blue dots form on the skin.  

If they haven't done an ANA, vit D and B-12 level, I would encourage you to request those.  Beyond that, I dn't think I will be able to help you.
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Thank you for responding, I have had thyroid testing, however I do have a prostrate problem and sometimes kidney levels are high. My white blood cell count is always double the high.
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Sorry to hear of all that you are going through.

Have they checked your thyroid function completely.  Some of your symptoms sound like MS and some do not.  While some sound like lupus.  Have they checked your ANA?  You might also want to request them to check you B-12 level and vit D level.  I'm assuming they have checked your prostrate and kidney function.

Praying for you, ~Kara
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