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Internal tremor

Is there any answer at all as to how to either manage this or get rid of it?  I do not think I can live like this.  Symptoms:  Internal tremor is now 24/7, vibrating as though sitting on a machine.  I thought it might be statins as I also developed joint and tendon pains.  This is not it.  I have in the past tested positive for E/B and was told I must have had it at one time without knowing it.  I have had tinnitus for over 12 years.  The internal tremors and the tinnitus came on the same way.  At first occasional, and thought I had it, and then full blast and constant, and there we no doubt. I will have more testing, but it appears that nobody has found anything. Help please.
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Me too, suffering from internal vibrations in legs, hands and head. Constantly. And my legs feel weak too.
What about 1) Cerebral hypoperfusion
2) cerebral lymphatic system?
Keep well too!
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Woke up this morning and I was sleeping on my right side but my left hand and arm was numb..lasted 3 min...scared as hell..then 3 hrs later I'm going to take a walk with my wife and my right hand has numbness  n tingling fir 2 min. .as I text this to you in sitting on my couch n I feel the vibration in my buttocks. Legs n feet..
What the hell is this ??????
I don't know about your 'intermittent' vibrations.
Mine are 'constantly' there.
My vibrating  is 24/7 feels like I have a cell phone in my buttocks constantly  vibrating down to my feet..inside of me. .I know it sounds crazy but itsctrue
I have had constant internal vibrating in my upper body especially my hands for several years now and tinnitus (ringing in ears) for two years now. All around the same time as migraining most of the time (now on blood vessels dilate when they come on). I've had Fibromyalgia for 20 yrs now already and had simple partial seizure for 30 yrs which stopped some 8 years ago now and fatigue since 10 years old.  The only morning I woke WITHOUT the internal vibration recently is when I was away from the city and in the country side, I grew up in the dessert and am thinking that all this EMF, and other artificial energies from phones, pcs, towers, even the hum of lots of cars etc is overloading my central nervous system/body even more, I am seriously thinking of moving out of the suburbs into the bushy lower population density areas, and staying away from any large mobile/cell phone towers and large electrical overhead cabling. I hope these internal tremors aren't something more serious. I hope you find a solution to your problem, that is easy and simple.. Sorry I couldn't be of help.
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I am going tru the same with this internal vibrating throughout  my body. When I sit I feel my legs feet and buttocks vibrating. .also numbness  and tingling in toes n feet and fingers..I don't know v what it is. ..very  scared too
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Hey rp913.
Welcome to the forum.
Does E/B stand for Epstein-Barr Virus ( EBV)? - as the are other possibilities with E/B abbreviations.
This clarification may be significant.
Statins may have a role in this as well, as they inhibit the ability of the liver to produce cholesterol by interfering with Co-enzyme Q10, an important factor in cellular health and energy production.
Your CNS may be possibly affected by inhibited Cholesterol production (nerve cell membrane is comprised mainly of lipids and cholesterol)
and perhaps Cholesterol depleting infectious agents.
Joint and tendon pains are consistent with some systemic pathogenic infections.
The M.Hominis pathogen variety is one commonly found in the genital and urinary tracts of adults that can affect joints and tendons as well.

Make sure you do a mineral analysis (mineral hair analysis is more accurate than blood tests usually) for any mineral deficiencies.
Also check thoroughly for any other possible nutritional deficiencies,
as mentioned in Red_Star's reply.

My suggestion  would be at this point to seek a specialist that is is familiar with difficult to detect systemic pathogenic infections,
as in most complex cases where there are no conclusive findings or dx,
they are the underlying cause.
For more info please take time to read related posts here, and also to research on your own.
Should you want to provide more details, feel free to do so.
You may post here again or p.m me anytime with any questions
you may have.
Take care,

I wonder how do you sleep at night with this constant internal vibration.
Should you have serious sleep issues because of this, you may want to look into Hypnotherapy . I have used Hypno for some FMS sufferers who had serious sleep issues and it did make a difference.

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I can sleep, but when I tell the doctors, it looks like my symptoms are "not so bad", because I manage to sleep....??
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Thanks for the response.  I have begun to try ruling out some of the causes.  Will report back.
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Hi rp913, did you ever find out the cause of your internal tremor or find a solution?
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Causes of tremors include:

Multiple sclerosis
Traumatic brain injury
Brain tumour
Chronic kidney disease
Parkinson's disease
Drugs side effects
Liver failure
Mercury toxicity
Electrolytes imbalance:
- Magnesium
- Potassium
- Calcium
- Sodium
Deficiency states:
- Vitamin B12
- Thiamine (vitamin B1)
- Vitamin E
- Vitamin B6 (rare)
Lyme's Disease
Adrenal gland problems
Virus or an infection
Autonomic nervous system dysfunction

Causes of tinnitus include:

Hearing loss
Excessive noise
Ear infections
Foreign object
Ear wax buildup
Fluid build up
Ototoxic medications (hundreds of prescription drugs including aspirin, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics)
Meniere's disease
Acoustic neuroma  
TMJ dysfunction
A thyroid imbalance
Head injuries or neck injuries
High blood pressure
Red wine, cheese and chocolate
Systematic yeast infection (candida)
Dietary deficiencies:
- Vitamin A
- Vitamin B12
- Vitamin C  
- Vitamin D
- Vitamin E
- Choline
- Omega 3 fatty acids
- Magnesium  
- Iron  
- Potassium  
- Sodium  
- Zinc  
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