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Hello Prof Nicolson and thank you for taking the question.
I have IIH/PTC.  When I was being tested for this condition, they drs asked about any autoimmune illness I may have . I mentioned that I had Psoriasis and they seemed to think that it could have been the "door" to my developing IIH. Any thought s on this?
Thank you,Cath278.
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Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition involving the immune system. The immune system is somehow triggered, causing a series of events, including inflammation and acceleration of skin cell growth. Instead of  skin shedding, and as the cells pile up on the surface of the skin they can form psoriatic plaques.

In some patients psoriasis may be caused by a chronic infection, and this type of infection causes inflammation and could also be involved in causing vasculitis or inflammation of the vascular system.  In the brain vasculitis can cause vascular leak, increasing the fluid in the brain and pressure, possibly causing IIH.  If this were the case, there are some possible infections that might be involved, such as Chlamydia pneumoniae, Mycoplasma species, and viruses such as HHV6, among other possibilities.

Fortunately, these types of infections can be tested for, and if present, there are treatments available.
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What a brilliant answer!  Thank you so much. This , has given me , some to think about.
As you are probably aware, IIH, has a criterion,which involves,
Age( child bearing in woman)
Over use of Vit A.
Use of steriods.
Use of some antibiotics.
The contraceptive pill.
As I didnt "fall" in to any of the above categories, I have always been curious as to how I developed this illness.
Thank you again, for a very good answer! Cath278.
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