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Lump under chin

26 year old female with Hashimoto's and Fibromyaglia. I noticed a lump 3 days ago 1 inch back from chin that is about 1 inch in diameter right in the center.. Very tender to touch and sore if I tilt my head up or open my mouth enough. I know it could be swollen lymph nodes, but with my history of autoimmune disease I don't really know where to go from here. Any ideas and should I try PCP or book an appointment with my rhuematologist. Thanks for all your help!
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Re: lump under chin, I would go straight to the dr. get a blood test for EBV and be referred to an ENT. If you live in the country go to the city, don't mess around with this or wait too long. It's always better to be safe than sorry. this if speaking from experience.

I pray you'll be okay.
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thanks for info. I went today. Told the doc about it and my symptoms. Not one throat culture, no blood test...he said, "you are probably getting a cold." What a waste of $20. By the way I live in Boston. I go to Boston Medical Center and EVERY person there is a jerk.
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Hi Crystal, I live in Queensland, Australia and I am very sorry to read about you having a hard time. I get the same poor treatment here. I have no family support. It's just not good enough. There is not enough reseach into Auto Immune Diseases. Maybe we need to change that. Take care. Nicole
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