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Muliple Disorders

Is it possible that my wife has multiple disorders and what is it possibly?    

42 year old Caucasian female from Northern Russia.  Diagnosed physically with Meneire's Disease - dizziness and balance aserbated with changes with barometric pressure.   No other confirmed diagnosis.  Father has diabetes.  Fourth year with symptoms

Symptoms - fatigue, heat sensitive with hot shower and hot weather, low blood pressure, skin is cold to the touch, weight gain when dieting, peripheral neuropathy confirmed, iron anemia not responding well with medication, fungus infection in hands, and headaches.  

Tests - TSH - normal, blood sugar - normal, ANA - normal.  No viral infections - such as Lyme or meneingitis, Blood tests every three months.  Spinal tap normal.  Two white brain lesions with MRI. No change in last year with MRI The CSX and back MRIs normal.  No tumors.
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I was reading your post and have to ask why would you ruled out MS. You say here that the spinal tab  was inconclusive because not enough fluid, that means you need to have it again. I know is not fun to have this done but I believe you have worst things everyday.  Try to have the spinal tab test again, a lot of thing can be ruled out if you get a reading.  Wish you the best  
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46 year old caucasion female, who had asthmatica as a young baby/toddler, urinary tract infections, which led to two cystocopies and a lot of antibiotics.  I was plagued with motion sickness my whole life; much worse now. Always had postural hypotension too.  And, at age 15-16 started getting severe, daily migraines.  At age 14 dx with panic attacks/severe.  Age 21 biochemical depression. This runs through my Father's side of family.  I was tried on so many Tricylics, than MAOI, and eventually since 2000 two different SSRI and SNRI meds.  I was very fit otherwise, and athletic.  However, I had very little ability to keep good cardio function.

In 1985 I had a tubal pregnancy with two in uterus.  I was also exposed to someone I was intimate with who had Mono.  I ended up in hospital getting surgery, however presented with a very serious case of pneumonia.  Pneumonia became an issue on/off for years thereafter.  They wanted to do a blood transfusion; I was very sick.  

In 1995 I started having bizarre muscle weakness, vision disturbances, eye ticks, and contantly getting  sick no matter what I touched or who I was around.  It stopped for awhile, once I left my working situation and basically bed rest. Than in 1998 it came back with vengence.  I was on an MAOI for about 6 years at the time; was it the meds???? .  I grew out of the asthamtica, yet remained with UTI's into most of my adult life, and they tapered off.  However, I seem to be getting what seems like bladder spasms.  I was able to stay physically fit in my adult years, and was a thin, but huge weight lifter.  Than I got hit with many symptoms again.  This time, I couldn't go to the gym five days+ a week without catching a cold or getting some virus. I couldn't re-coup from muscle aches.  One leg was dragging, and there were now issues with abdominal bloating.  I found out I had Chronic Ovarian Cysts, and one seemed serious.  However, in time that cleared, yet I was extremely symptomatic for years prior.  MRI's of spine and brain didn't seem to show much.  Spinal tap inconclusive; they didn't get enough fluid???  Than I started having severe back pain and couldn't stay on my feet without feeling like I was going to pass out.  I felt like I had balance issues.  Severe dizziness, vertigo, which is back again.  MS continued to be ruled out.  Lupus, Lyme, negative. They did find convalesing levels of the EBVirus in my blood studies.  I had trouble with low thyroid, yet my T-3 n 4 remained normal. Than I was intermittently anemic.  Than those blood studies returned normal years later.  

I managed to do massage work, and was moving along, and than got seriously injured on a job.  I ended up with a herniated disc in neck, shoulder injury without specific tears, etc.  I eventually had a fusion, and my shoulder/arm and hand never functioned properly again. Yet, BOOM, anterior neck muscle pain, unrelenting.  Too sensitive to almost any narcotics and ANSAIDS, so my pain went unabatted and out of control.  No therapies cut it.  Now, in my third year post injury all symptoms mentioned including childhood came back in such a state that my whole body is effected with pain, muscle weakness or loss of function.  I ended up with IBowel, GERD, Ulcerated Gastritis, yet the ulcerations are supposedly healing.  Multiple chemical/food sensitivites plauge me. I found a herniated disc in lower spine and some scoliosis, and at one time or another had the Fibromyalgia, CMyalgia Pain and CFS diagnoses sent my way!  However, what is really true?  How can you really find out, and what else should or could I look at?  I see many people getting tested for XMRVirus and other interesting studies.  Between the conditions I am in, the worker's comp hell, my private insurance trying to back out of helping, and the pyschological terror I am facing, I don't know where to do, who to see, and how to hang on.  Everything I try to do on my own just flares me up and makes me worse.  Need I say more?  HELP!
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I read what you wrote to David and I was very happy to know that I am not the only one (not happy about you having all this deseases).
Sometimes I get very frustrated but I do not talk about anything because I do not think is easy to understand.  This is what I deal with, I have MS, LUPUS, IBS, one that I don't know how to spell (all fingers and toes get black), and I don't know what else.
Will love to get to know you and have a friend that will understand me 100%.

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  Hello David and Welcome.

     The answer to your question is an unequivocal YES!  Many of us have more than one thing going on at one time. The reason for this is still out to lunch... LOl

    I have MS, Sarcoidosis (in remission), Neurocardiogenic Syncope, IBS,
Gastro - paresis, Osteoarthritis.......So, see our bodies are not forgiving. Usually
(not always but certainly not uncommon) when one has an Autoimmune Disease
it kinda leaves the door open for other crazies to walk in.....

     I hope your wife can get some answers soon. Is she currently seeing a Neurologist?
It does sound as if there could be some Neurological stuff going on.
Keep us updated and post as much as you want w/ questions.
your wife is very lucky to have you to help her in be her health advocate.

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Check into autoimmune I had all the "normal" results on every test my doctor could order. My doctor ordered on one trip 11 blood test, the nurse was afraid to do 11 blood draws in me LOL I told her that my doctor was on a scavenger hunt. He eventually tested my antibodies. Normal is less than 35 and mine were over 1200. I was found to have Hashimotos. Each doctor after that kept checking me for fungal infections, which I found odd, until one doctor told me, if you have an autoimmune disease, then you are more susceptible to fungal infections. My immune system was attacking my thyroid. All my blood test came back "normal" TSH T4 T3 etc...

I was also quickly diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which can lead to high blood sugars, bad menses, miscarriage and more. So yeah she can have more than one.

Eventually the doctor found a lump in my thyroid, we did a biopsy which was inconclusive, and I decided to have it looked at through surgery. It turned out to be cancer. I am cancer free now. With my thyroid being removed, my auto immune disease is in remission. Life is getting back to fun ...fun not being sick all the time.

My point is for you and your wife to be diligent as you are now, and you will find the answers you need. Change doctors like many of us have if the one you have does not give you answers. I wish I would have sooner. I stayed with my undiagnosed autoimmune disease for 10 years until finally I started going doctor to doctor and then...I found a doctor who really listened, who didn't give up when the tests came back "normal". His ability to listen to his patient instead of the results on my labs saved me. I owe him my life. I will keep you in my prayers.
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