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Multiple sclerosis/Osteoarthritis

I am wondering if you could please help me to know what is happening to me.

The following symptoms WERE with me (Feb-Apr).
1. Bending forward my neck and very worst tingling in my hands (A electrical sensation was moving from my fingers of my hands towards my arms), it was lasted for one month
2. Blurred and uncomfortable vision (sometimes)
3. Weakness of my legs  
4. Cramp of the muscle of my lower leg (left)
5. Jump of muscle (arms)
BTW, I had fever (38.8 oC) because of tonsillitis, so my hands started to tingle for a short time!  

The following symptoms ARE with me (May-...).
1. Tingling feet
2. Tingling hands by bending forward my neck
3. Uncomfortable vision (sometimes)
4. Cracking and creaking everywhere such as neck, hands, feet, knees, even my chest      
5. Taking shower and subsequent tingling of my middle finger (right hand)
6. Making pressure on my right arm is increasing tingling of my fingers
7. Jump of muscle (sometimes arms and legs)
8. Feeling sensation in my knees, and jumping muscles behind of my knees

I had MRI of brain and neck at first of the March, and no lotion was observed. However, after 8 months, I am with the mentioned symptoms.

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In the absence of lesions-I think that's what you meant- an MS diagnosis,
which is an extremely difficult condition to diagnose ( and it takes many years on the average), is even less likely.
This is not to say that it is ruled out.
Look into the 2010 McDonald criteria for more details.

Have you had a dx for osteoarthritis or are you suspecting it?
You need to see a Rheumatologist for OA dx.
Meanwhile have you done any tests for deficiencies like B12, Vit. D, thyroid function, magnesium (tissue levels) etc.? Any other tests?
Let me know.

Best wishes.

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Hi Metza.

Magnesium levels matter only in tissue, since serum magnesium is regulated to stay at about 1%.
I do transdermal magnesium oil, for optimum delivery-look it up online.

Vitamin D3 must have optimum vitamin K2 levels for Ca to be efficiently
deposited in the teeth, bones and joints where it's needed, instead of soft tissues.

B12 tests will not indicate neurological B12 (methylocobalamin), which needs a separate homocysteine test (ideally several as homocysteine levels can fluctuate).

It might be easier to just do a methylocobalamin trial, instead.
Sublingual methylocobalamin is the preferred delivery method, besides shots-but that's reserved for serious deficiencies.


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Thanks for your reply.
I had several blood tests. B12 and other such as vitamins and magnesium were ok. I am not sure about B12 and magnesium in tissue level. But, my Vit. D was 15-25 nmol/L, I was on Vitamin D supplement and sunbath and afterward my Vit. D level became 125 nmol/L.
I am suspected OA, but it seems unlikely with the high level of Vit, D and Calcium.
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