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Muscle Twitches all over

Hi guys. I've had twitching for years and this one night I had a bad twitch in my foot and I went berserk worrying so much. Next day, I felt fine, then I had another twitch in my other foot, and I worried so much, my other foot started.

within 2 days, I'm having wide spread twitches. I twitch every few seconds all over my body.

Do you think my twitches are from being on the computer all day for hours until sleep, and major anxiety? Some days if I relax enough I feel calmer and not as many twitches, and some days I wake up and get a twitch, my heart beats fast, I go crazy and i twitch like popcorn.

Its anonying feeling these things, because their constantly every second from my neck to my toes.
They are usually activated when I walk awhile, or use the muscle as in picking up items or running around.

I do believe I have huge stress because I wake up and think about them until bed. It's been a month of this and im worrying too much.

Do you believe anxiety is taking the main role in here? all I have to do is lift something heavy and my stomach would go crazy for hours. Right now its all in my back and neck then twitches all over.

I'm only 15, I cant be worrying about diseases..

This is alittle about what I do:
Over the summer, I woke up, got on the computer for up to 15 hours then went to sleep, woke up did it again
I eat junk food, I rarely drank any water
I wouldnt go outside or exersize at all
My twitches get worst like mad when I worry or think about them too much
I have no weakness I think, but I hardly want to sit still because I feel twitchy all over
They are activated when relaxing and thinking about them, or if I go out to work the muscle.
My aunt had MS, but thats pain also, which I dont have.
I worry myself sick and my stomach always hurts
Im skinny and not fat, though I cant run for more then 5-10 seconds because im out of shape? dont know.

and the final..
My twitches progressed all over within 3 days, from worrying so bad about this one twitch that I for some reason felt before, but went crazy this time.

I went to the doctor awhile ago and he did say i was dehydrated, but that could be from always moving so I can avoid feeling the twitch.

Do you have any tips on how to relax? I'm freaking out way too much which MAY be the reason of all this.
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I recently started getting these twitches. I have them right now. I never had this before this of recent.  I agree as far as they seem to happen when i relax - which is annoying and distracting...I've been to a couple of doctors over the last few weeks and believe it or not, I forgot to mention this new thing going on with the twitches. I guess because they don't happen at the doctors because we're never really chilling out at the doctors so they don't happen while I am there.. I seem to get them alot on my stomach. Not deep in the stomach, just weird twitches under the skin. My ankles are twitching right now.

So anyway, I have no idea why I have them. I hope someone can help you with an answer, but I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone with this problem , I have it too. if I find out what is causing it, I will post again. And i'll keep my eye on your thread incase someone has the answer.

As far as relaxing, green tea really takes the edge off for me. It has L-theanine in it - an amino acid. It crosses the blood brain barrier. Its good to drink for a "natural" anti- anxiety relief...or however you would want to say it. Its late here, so I can't think straight, I'm tired..

Hope you feel better and try the green tea. You'll be very surprised how calm it can make you feel.

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Twitches are usually neurological issue.
Have you seen your MD about this?  You don't want to let this go unchecked.   I would advise to reevaluate your lifestyle, 15 hours gaming isn't healthy.   At your age it usually won't be a problem but can manifest itself down the road.    Go see your MD, and also mention your stomach pains.  You'd be surprised how much trouble a compromised gastro intestinal system can cause.  

There are many ways to relax, but the key is to learn how to quiet the mind.   Do breathing exercises (just sit in a relaxed place by yourself, with as little interference as possible, close your eyes if you feel comfortable doing that, and just be aware of your breath.  Any thoughts that come to mind, just let them be, and quiet your mind again.  It's impossible to stop thinking , but we can learn to just let the thoughts flow).    Also, take walks outside in nature, study nature, and listen to relaxing music also helps a lot.   Yoga exercise is also good, but meditation is imo the best way to quiet yourself.
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