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My Mum thinks i have this, what do you think?

My mum believes i suffer from fibromyalgia. She first thought i had MS or Lupus but the doctors did test an ANA test and they came back fine. My mum has been talking with a friend of hers who is a GP, her friend has suggested fibromyalgia is possible as well. ( my doctors think my mum has Munchison syndrome by proxy because she thinks that there is really something wrong even when my doctor thinks its all in our head) I'm not sure what to think, and have decided to wait and see if symptoms get worse or change before changing doctors and getting a second opinion.

My symptoms include:
Achy muscles, (neck and shoulders are worst but mainly anywhere)
Muscle weakness, ( legs and arms are worst but can happen anywhere)
Muscle twitching and numbness, ( legs are arms and face or worst but can happen anywhere)
I get a black dot in my vision sometimes,
blurred vision, sometimes,
bloody stools
+ i have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, so i have bad concentration and depression and anxiety issues as well

I don't know if these things are all created by different conditions, or if they are in fact fibromyalgia so your views would be good. i don't always get these symptoms at the same time they come they go and there is no patten i can see.
I have dropped things such drinking glasses due to muscle weakness and at the hight of the symptoms they differently became concerning, lately i have been having tingling and twitching in my arms, legs and face.

I have problems with circulation which i always have, i don't know if that would course the same symptoms?

I am 19 years old female. I am on lithium 1000mg and Quetiapine 300mg + 25 mg PRN

I know you cant say yes it differently is or what not but your opinion would be appreciated weather or not your thoughts on the matter.

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From your observations, you might loosely fit the criteria for Fibromyalgia Syndrome.  Most FMS patients have what are called "multiple trigger points" where severe pain is caused by a small amount of pressure to the site.  You can test this yourself by having you or one of your family members use a thumb or finger and placing enough pressure until you or they can see a "white line" under the nail.  This should cause a tremendous amount of pain at the site.  Most FMS patients have many of these pressure-sensitive sites, usually but not always on the upper torso.  A diagnosis of FMS also includes other signs and symptoms as well, and you appear to have many of these.

Here are some websites that can hellp you explain the diagnosis of  Fibromyalgia Syndrome:


Prof. Garth Nicolson
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I suffer from most if not all of your symptons and have been searching for help for seven years. Your ANA level fluctuates so have it checked again. One dr told me I was bipolar but my husband is truly bipolar and I know I don't have that! I would get a 2nd opinion! I can't get a definite dx or a treatment plan to really help so I keep researching on my own.  Like me, u may have fibryo but I think there are other things going on. I wish I could give u better advice. It is real and many dr don't know what it is so they say it's in ur head or your just depressed. I wish u luck and would keep looking for a dr who is willing to help u!
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