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Negative ANA with Sjogren’s symptoms

Negative ANA blood test results but having the following symptoms:
- Randomly woke up one day last week with excessive swelling under jaw and towards ears. Didn’t look like myself. Looked like I had the mumps or had a fat face prosthetic put on
- Excessive dry mouth
- Was put on Methylprednisolone and the swelling went away but still dealing with dry mouth
- The APRN I saw said I had an idiopathic/unknown cause viral illness

Past medical history:
- thyroidectomy in my early twenties (had a nodule and the thyroid was inflamed and enlarged) still not sure what caused this
- ADD diagnosis 2010 and again in 2019/brain frog
- strange bout of ocular auras (March-May 2020)
- horrible mouth infection/oral thrush (June 2020)
- eye infection (October 2020)
- dry skin and rashes in the (Winter 2021)
- reoccurring yeast infections (has stopped with probiotics)
- Had two different pelvic ultrasounds (2017 and 2019 which came back normal) due to abdominal/pelvic pressure and feeling of bloating

Family history of autoimmune issues (celiac disease and thyroid issues). Tested negative/inconclusive for celiac Spring 2020. I had low Iga so they said the test wasn’t reliable. Did another test and it appeared to be normal.

I’m otherwise a very healthy, fit person. Normal people don’t just get salivary gland infections and oral thrush for no reason. Does this sound like Sjogren’s to anyone? Any suggestions on who to see for a second opinion?
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