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Neurological or Anxiety

I am a 22 year old Caucasian male. Last April, I went on a run and by the time I came home I thought I was having a heart attack. I had been to the ER once before for a similar incident but nothing was found and I was told it was a panic attack. I ended up waiting a few days until the symptoms came back worse and I went to the ER again. Again, nothing was found. The first time I went, I felt fine after being checked out. This time, the symptoms never got better. I got a physical from my doctor including an EKG, physical exam, blood work (thyroid, cholesterol, triglycerides, chemical panel, etc.) and urinanalysis. Everything was normal. Blood pressure and blood count normal. Symptoms since this time: pains in my chest, arms, stomach, and back, panic attacks, occasional muscle spasms, insomnia , gastrointestinal problems, weight loss, sexual dysfunction, tingling in arms/hands, sometimes tremors in hands, one pupil occasionally dialated (both still contract in light), headache, faciculations, and recently sharp lower right abdomen pains. I went back to my doctor and got a referral to a cardiologist. I was given a stress test EKG. Everything was still normal. Received treatment for panic attacks from psychologist. Some symptoms have improved, most are fluctuating. I have never smoked, I do drink. PCP believes that it is all stress. Any input is welcome.
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We often hear of such problems, which in some cases are related to vasculitis or inflammation of the vascular system along with nerve cell damage due to intracellular chronic infections.  These can go undetected for years until the situation gets worse (more signs and symptoms and more severe symptoms).  

When the condition gets worse (it does not always go this direction--sometimes it actually gets better without treatment), additional symptoms occur.  These include chronic fatigue, short-term memory loss, headaches, vision and hearing problems, and many additional symptoms.

The most commonly found infections are intracellular bacterial infections, caused by Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, Borrelia, among other bacterial and viral infections.  You should probably be tested (by PCR) for these infections.  A list of the most common infections found in similar conditions can be found on our website, www.immed.org, under Clinical Testing.
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Hi Dr Garth,
I am experiencing the same symptoms and has 2 panic attacks like ChopperPug.
Been to ER twice also.
Additional symptoms for me is lower leg pains, muscles and tendons.
There tingling sensations as well in this area and when the sensations starts to go up into my face (the numbness), I panic.
Severe fatigue, lost appetite as well.
By the way, what type of doctor specializes on this issue.
I want to get tested.
What IS PCR? Please help.
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Hi Dr Garth

Please help me because really I feel like loosing my mind. I suffer from anxiety and depression . I have a problem with my eyes . I see tiny black/grey specks like small particles drifting round my vision field. This phonomena came out 4 years ago when I developed my anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Can you tell me pls if there is a link to these 3 about my eye floaters. Im certainly sure 100% that this specks are from somethin neurologically bad inside my brain. Ive done an eye test to make sure my eyes are healthy, and even had an MRI scan for my brain....nothin showed up, so can it be my depression is causing these tiny specks inside my eyes. Pls help because Im freaking out!!!! Thanks

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