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OA or autoimmune issue?

I woke up 15 years ago with lower back pain. It hurts when I move a certain way. I can live with that. I woke up 10 years ago with knee pain. Neither have changed. No better or worse. Exercise, diet, Cordisone and Hyaluronic injections acid, rubs, creams, fat stem cell shots...Knee ex-rays show I do have medial bone on bone in knees and osteoarthritis (OA). I felt a bit like I had a brain fog so I got checked out for that. One test after another. MRIs and auto immune test. inconclusive but what lead to further test was something in my blood told doctors I could have an auto immune but not which one. Doctors also said my B12 and D6 were way low. I take those vitamin but I don't feel I am adsorbing them. I have recently have been getting ulcers in my throat and little blood blisters in mouth. I do have gerd but I have only had ulcers in mouth before. Omeprazole and I am good for weeks. I read that low B12 will cause such. Around 5 years ago I felt like I had a foggy, not clear headed. Test results for Lupus, scleroderma, Marfan syndrome, RA, Lyme disease are all negative. I was even check for misaligned crystals in my ear, negitive. I also have enlarging lower ascending aorta and leaky heart valves. I can ride a bike for mile but walking and standing are painful. I am not convinced that my knees are cause by wear or OA. Is it uncommon for Knees not to change over 10 years? Based on information what else should I look for?
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