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Pm scl positive

Hi I’m 45 colon cancer survivor whom has recently been experiencing fatigue, joint and muscle pain, numb and tingling in hands and feet. These symptoms increase when standing and walking. I’m loosing my balance and coordination and have a weird rash that will be biopsied soon. I have slight positive Ana. Slight positive anti pm scl antibody and sometimes high cpk. I have been told this is all anxiety and I need to seek counseling and get a job this happens with age just deal you don’t have autoimmune disease your tests aren’t high enough.
I don’t understand if I have the symptoms and have the bloodwork even if low positive it’s still positive. Can anyone explain this?? Do I seek counseling and take anxiety medicine even though I don’t feel this is the case or try to find another doctor
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I'm 70 and a stage III colon cancer survivor. I had surgeries and a long stretch
of chemo.  I had some of those symptoms within 4 or 5 years after finishing chemo.
My oncologist told me to expect some good and "not so good" side effects from the
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Folfox 4 chemo treatments. I also had psoriasis for the first time ever back in February, 2022.
I saw a dermatologist who had me use Clobetasol 2x daily and it made the rashes go away
on chest and back. Now, all of a sudden I'm noticing itchy areas in my feet and legs. Good Luck!
That’s for the information
I questioned previous chemo but no one would say yes or no. Are you currently diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder
Did they provide you any treatment advice for post chemo health issues??
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"try to find another doctor"

Let's put aside the term "automimmune" and instead think of "inflammatory disease". What you have should be investigated, not just pushed aside as being all in your head. .

Maybe you have dermatomyositis (unflamed muscles plus a skin condition). That's rare, so docs tend to not consider that. myo = muscles, derma = skin, itis = inflammatory

There are also "idiopathic inflammatory myopathies". The word "idiopathic" means "we don't know what it is and why it happens".

There is "cancer associated myositis".

All those should be ruled out.

"even if low positive it’s still positive"
The doc is correct in saying that low-positive ANA means very little, because a lot of people with no disease still might have low ANA.
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Thanks for the advice.
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