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Post Kawasaki auto immune disease?

My daughter had kawasaki when she was 4. After a full treatment that included trips to scan her heart, the doctor declared her free from the effects of Kawasaki. However, every now and then my daughter suffers from red fingertips that peel. At first we thought it was an allergy but having elimated all the possibilities we are now asking her to wear cream gloves. There is also a concern of her lack of growth. She has a healthy appetite but does not put on weight despite her inactivity. She is among the smallest in size in her class. A doctor friend suggest we do a bllod test to determine if she is suffering from an auto immnue disease. What do you think?

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Kawasaki Disease or mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome is a disease of unknown origin usually in children under the age of 5 and is characterized by swollen hands and feet, fever, rashes, irritation of eyes, swollen lymph nodes in the neck and other places and inflammation of the mouth lips and throat.  In about one-forth of children the heart is affected by inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis).   Children often receive IV gamma globulin to reduce the chance of lasting heart problems.  Such treatments are given to fight infection(s) by viruses and bacteria, and if an infection is still present in a chronic form, then some signs/symptoms could still persist, even after the major symptoms subside.  Lack of growth could be related to many things, but inflammation of the gut could affect her food absorption and intake and could be due to residual infection.  Treatment of possible bowel infections and addition of large doses of probiotics could help with the weight problem.
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Good morning:

I'm a cuban young girl of 26 years old, caucasian type that is looking
for a team or a good diagnostician online, and as I see you are social
workers maybe you can help me. I'm very ill but no one knows what's
happening to me. I've seen so many doctors in this week and the matter
is becoming worst by the hour. I feel like dying, please gime a way to
contact some doctor. I beg you. I'm alone in Kiev and noone is helping
me, because they don't know.

The symptoms:

My syntoms started few months ago, but they were random, I felt dry
throat and mouth and I needed to force a lot of water that gave me the
sensation of acid in the digestive tract and almost didn't take away the
thirst or the dryines, so I usually took some tea or instant coffe with
me and after that I felt my digestive tract complete in burn, and
couldn't swallow o create saliva, making me some times woke up looking
for air because the drynes of the larynx, it was stuck the movement.
Then i decided t change my diet, eating more fruits and vegetables and
desapairing meat and dairies, milk or coffe. In this month trial for
being vegan I lost appetite and didn't have cravings, I was eeating less
and my irritation skin problems and infeccion for candialiasis in mouth
and vagina went to a less populated state. It also give me a dry skin
eliminating my very active adult acné. and my giardiasis eres also less
problematic. I was diagnosed with cronic giardiasis at age of 16.

After a change of diet because all this the problem got worst. The water
didn't dry me and I was drinking water and eating fruits for the single
purpose of creating saliva. I thought that maybe boiling the water
created a poisoning reaction, because I was using iron pots with white
keramics but scratched in several parts, and the water turned brownish
when boiled. Then I stoped drinking tea with boiled water, I puted to
the sun to soak. Last week I ate fruits having a poisning sensation in
blood, skin and digestive tract, felt like I had fire everywhere,
literally with uncontrolable shaking for a sensation as cold. And of
course my sleeping problmes. The night that I became sick, 7 days ago I
ate little pieces of  out of season watermelon, banana and a white fruit
form Ukraine, like pear kind of taste and feeling. When I ate that I
felt like was stuck in my throat and didn't move, I couldn't salivate in
my left side where the food felt stucked and didn't move until I started
tio force saliva more and more, and making palpitations and my heart
work harder for making this move. I went t the next day to the otorrino
naringolgist to take off the food, and she said that there was nothing
there, and prescribe me medicine for the nerves. Next day I felt worst,
because I have the sensation of having the food moving and getting stuck
very slowly and have a dry throat and was taking constant water to
salivate the tract. I also feel like the yeast or candiliasis infection
went rampage on mouth, throat and esophagus, I made an endoscopy and
resulted clear. thay say the check for infection or bacteria and nothing
resulted, again medicine for nerves that I ve been taking and shange
nothing. The prblem is that I can't sleep since a week ago, I'm anxious,
can't eat anything and I'm drinking tons of water, als my feel doesn't
smell, my pee is almost white. I did poop onces two days ago and was
nromal color and sticknes, it didn't make any problems to come, I
usually have diarreah and in the vegan diet I had diarreah also, the
food went out almst unprocessed. The last days since the problem with
the feelibg of stuckness started more nd more organs felt like being on
pressure, I feel the blood very intense in different parts. The
esophagus, the middle left part in my poin of view, the right for the
person watching me. The parte where I felt the first course of stickness
is also sensible. I had hurtburn from candialiasis infection and I
started on antibiotics: amoxicillin and  nystatine on suspention for
only two days, and my entire body feel very dry, including my vagina,
anus and between legs. the problem is that I don't have fever or any
sign of infection, not the normal trhoat irritation or plaques. I just
can't create saliva and felt like moniliasis on my digestive tract
making me feel with hurtburnt. I can't sleep, because every time  I try
the entire digest problem and acidic poisoning get worst, stping to have
countrol of my drinking water makes me very dry and poisoning feeling
and also lijke I ate fire, no creation of saliva at this point. I
haven''t sleep in one week now, and I'm feeling nervous and lost focus.
My skin if  yellow and I've been loosing hair for years since I came to
Ukraine to live with my cuban boyfrined that have the same symptoms of
yeast or candialiasis infection but doens;t feel anything. I feel like
my heart is working to much, I tried to eat some pourrisj of
vegetables,and I added some milk, I could eat without apparent problem.
I don't feel any paint, I'm feeling like I'm fool of dirt in the ears,
because I'm not creating grease. Last night I was having a reiki sation
and I has a very dry mouth and throat and not saliva making the movement
very deifficult. I tried to take a benadrilin but it got stuck in the
tongue and I decided not ot take it. I'm afraid that if a I fall sleep I
will stop breathing or controllling my body berserked state. I drank
tons of normal water, mineral water, saltmineral water, with gas, and I
don't get saliva back in the walls.

Please, I feel like dying, I've been under a lot of stress and looking
waht do I have and what could I do for treatment.

HElps please. i also experimented several times overheating like tirring away
sensation in several parts of my body several times between the jaws and the mouth at the edge of the face.
My body is overeacting to heat, which is abnormal in me. and now I'm having kind of defness in both ears feeling very stuck the aerea ingeneral.
I'm very dry and I use to be very grease type of person and full of hedors in muth, ears body, not feet.

Thanks for taking your time and please help me.

Jehan Sandra Salem Bidondo.

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