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Retroviruses and AI-disorders

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scientist are lately looking to the involvement of retroviruses and autoimmune disorders, because many of the HIV-infected people show in the course of their illness, AI-disorders. In their search, they have found most of the people infected with the "Human Intracisternal A-Type Particle" or HIAP-virus.

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According to some information from various sites, people suffering from Sjogren Syndrome, respont well to treatment with AZT, a drug to treat HIV+.

I don't know whether this was posted earlier, but I think it might be interesting and horrible news at the same time.


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Hi PlateletGal,

did you inheritid a AI-disorder from your parents, you think ? The involvement of a retrovirus is not so good news, I think. This HIAP-virus, carries some proteins that are also found in HIV-virus. There are similarities with HIV.

There is also a second virus, HIAP2, that causes -obviously- also AIDS with people. These people are HIV-, but HIAP2 is found to be the causative agent. This virus has the same effect on the CD4 white cell count. At some point, people have too less CD4 cell count and suffer from the same infections and cancers as HIV+ people do.

I have had less lymphocyte count the past year. Maybe I suffer from such an infection ?

What treatment are you on, these days ?

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Thank you for this information ! My mother has Sjogren's Syndrome and is currently on the same treatment that I'm on. The treatment addresses pathogens... but I'll have to check on retroviruses.

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