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Rheumatic Fever

I am 34 years old and my doctor diagnosed me with Rheumatic Fever 5 months ago with my ASO titer at 253. He then asked me to meet a couple of specialist and meanwhile started giving me penicillin injections. My echo, ecg, and other tests were fine, so the specialist told me that I do not need to take any more penicillin injections, but my family doctor says one has to take precautionary medicines for atleast 5 years. He asked me to do my ASO again next week to see if it rises again without taking injection and I already have started getting fever (99). Please let me know whether I have to take injections or tablets for years now.
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The best treatment for RF is Penicilin, oral or intravenous, intravenous is more vigorous (in hospital). The main goal should be to eradicate the patogen causing the desease (Strep bacteria) and to smooth the immune response to the patogen. Penicilin VK (oral) or Penicilin G (IV). Amoxicilin is also good but it more powerful and comes with more side effects like stomach pain and loose stools. The treatment period should be 1 to 1,5 months in odrer to eradicate the bacteria. the treatment should start as soon as possible to minimise the tissue damage.  
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Hi Nikki. Unfortunately yes.
Your family doctor is following the recommended protocol to prevent recurrence of RF.
I would strongly recommend prebiotics and probiotics, along with with consumption of coconut oil & natural yogurt (not the commercial stuff with
doubtful nutritional value), to counter the harmful effects of the antibiotics.

Best wishes,
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