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Rheumatoid arthritis?

Im a 30 year old female and I get these on and off aches in my knuckles and wrist and my shoulder is often sore and my arm feels heavy. It sort of shifts around as to what exactly aches/is tender, and its not a constant although sometimes it can be like that for days.  I think they are kinda stiff too.  Back in 2009, so about 4.5 years ago, I went to a rheumatologist as a GP found I was positive for Rheumatoid Factor.  The specialist did other tests, xrays etc and didnt find anything.  But I have an autoimmune profile (Raynauds, scalp psoriasis and eczema prone skin) so she thought a mild immunosuppresant might be warranted.  I decided that seemed drastic. I am a PhD student so spend lots of time in front of the computer. I have just been doing a lot of typing again recently after a break doing lots of field work getting data and its come back a bit.  Its not gotten worse really, just not better.  Im wondering if I need to return to a specialist?  Does the positive RF mean maybe there is something, which maybe was just too early to be picked up before?  I thought maybe RSI even but the on and off nature would maybe suggest not?
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Hi triian.

Please read my 2 most recent replies in this community.
Reliance on lab results on the average is unfortunately not serving us well .

  Scalp psoriasis and eczema prone skin may be linked to:
TNF-a (Tumor Necrosis alpha)A seriously dangerous group of chemicals and part of your immune system response associated with Chronic Inflammation. (oversimplified explanation)
TNF actively promotes the degeneration of your cells and neurons!
Causes also connective tissue breakdown.

Raynaud’s Disease could be the result of the hypothermia in  hypothyroidism ( often subclinical)

Two things I would suggest you also look into:
Tension myositis syndrome ( it explains how the brain processes and "handles" pain)
EMF pollution. I would seriously look into the long term effects, specially if your exposure is significant.

Hope this helps.
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Sorry, i was positive for a general inflammatory factor, but negative for Rheumatoid Factor.
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