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Some autoimmune questions

Dear Dr,

I have a mixed bag of questions and appreciate if you could possibly answe some for me.

Question #1.  Is there a real blood test out there to test for systemic candida fungal infections, and if so what is this called? Is systemic Candida something MD"s feel really exists or is it something that is a myth?

Question #2 Can it be possible to test negative for antibodies several years and still possibly have an autoimmune disorder?

#3 can you think of a process that would cause intense all over itching if a patient has not really taken an type of med or any oral vitamins etc?  After I have a very small glass of wine and i'm not a drinker my whole body will itch from head to toe.  I've got a mixed bag of symptoms some physical such as diffuse noticable hair loss and blue feet, right bundle branch block, multiple kidney stones and too many to list other symptoms.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.  I am concerned of cancers due to being told I have very present skin yeast a well known derm in Clev saw with woods light, asked me if I were diabetic etc which I am not, that paired with the hair loss, itching etc has me miffed.

Thank you

I've got feet that will turn actually plum blue/gray, i've also got diffuse hair loss with hair/scalp pain, loss of other body hair
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1. Yes there are.  Conventional testing from a peripheral blood sample includes growth and morphology characteristics and antifungal responses.  Newer tests include ELISA and PCR.

2. Yes, that is certainly possible.  Depending on the type of autoimmune response, there are virtually millions of possible epitopes that could stimulate autoimmune responses.  The more common epitopes, such as nuclear antigens and cell surface antigens, form the basis of most diagnoses because they are routinely found in autoimmune patients.

3. Some individual responses may be more similar to allergic responses or immune responses to outside antigens that find their way into your system rather than antigens that were there all along.  Of course, mixed responses can also occur.

4. The reason you were asked if you were a diabetic is that most yeast infections are growth driven by sugars.  This is why we stress removal of most simple sugars from the diet in various chronic illnesses. Of course, you could have high sugar issues without being a diabetic, and diet is very important in fungal control.
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Dr thank you so much for your time.  I am pretty sick and just feeling lousy.    I am not a diabetic in fact my A1C and other blood work are spectacular.  However I do have yeast all over my skin as picked up at the cleveland clinic.  She put me on diflucan for 3 months the plan was 6+ but my hair started falling out in clumps so they had me stop it.

I have the coated tongue, weekly female infections, gas and bloating plus the autoimmune stuff, hair loss, blue feet, fatigue, memory lapse and mental freeze aka brain freeze in a nutshell I am falling apart.  My scalp feels as though it's been slashed wirh razors and I was told this is something nerve related.

sorry to dirgress, I asked my Md about candida and he said it's a myth I don't have it.  But my body is telling me  I do.  Can you direct me to a physician who can do this blood test?  I am at a loss and really could use some help
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Sorry if I was too forward in asking you to direct me to a physician who can do this type of testing.

I guess I wanted to ask you something different.  Is the fungal blood test a standard test that an MD would trust and put credit in to see if their patient was suffering some sort of systemic fungal condition?  I was told if you had systemic candida you would be dead or very ill.  However I can't understand having chronic yeast issues without something being wrong.  I've passed the autoimmune workup, however would some of the blood cancers in early stages cause yeast issues and general poor health?  I wonder what blood testing should be done in that case?

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i have been trying to  get some answers to some  questions. i recently came down with  food allergies about 2 yrs ago and have had them ever since.  now  i tested  positive for ana 1:160 speckled,  6 months later i  tested negative, then  another 3 months after that i tested positive for ana 1:160 speckled. then about  4 months after that i tested positive for ana  1:320 speckled and  positive for ds dna. though i seem to have no symptoms.  is this necessarily a autoimmune disease? i am a 24 yr old male pretty healthy besides my food allergies and  occasional cough or cold i catch.
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I have been having joint pain since May, and have seen a rheumatalogist, they say I have either lupus or RA, being tx with Arava and on prednisone again.  She wants to start Enbril, I am terrified that I will develop lymphoma-I am only 39 and have 2 young kids.  How significant are the risks on Enbril- or is the risk just having an autoimmune disease.  I hate taking a steriod and want to get off- but am afraid of the pain- really thinking about the Enbril- but the whole lymphoma thing really scares me off at my age.
Any input would be great!
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One simple test for systemic yeast infections is to examine blood smears. The fungal forms are usually quite obvious as plant-like structures quite unlike the other normal blood constituents, but unfortunately most physicians do not do this type of simple test. Other tests rely on antibody testing of serum.

Diet is very important in systemic fungal infections.  All processed sugar must be removed from the diet as well as other changes to limit fungal growth.  There are diets available on the internet (as well as some suggestions on our website, immed.org in an article by myself and Dr. Richard Ngwenga, an AIDS physician in Africa who has treated many AIDS patients with systemic fungal infections).  There are also antifungal drugs, and I see that you have tried one of the most popular antifungals but with limited success.
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Although patients can test positive in the ANA test and have no symptoms, it could be a sign of future problems.  You seem to be cycling in terms of your ANA testing, which may be important.  You should keep a diary of signs/symptoms and see if any of these correspond with the ANA tests.
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Personally I am not keen on using steroids to treat autoimmune disease.  Suppressing the immune system, I feel, is not the way to get at the problem, which is what is to identify what is stimulating the immune system in the first place. In cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis over one-half of patients have chronic infections in their joints that can be identified and treated.  Often these are cell wall deficient bacteria, such as Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, Borrelia, etc. that penetrate the synovia of the joints and cause inflammation.  They can be treated, but treatment usually involves long-term antibiotics plus other therapies.  The synovium are poorly vascularized tissues, and it takes a long time to suppress infections in these tissues.
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