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Spinal Myoclonus

I have had myoclonus in my back and legs for 4 years now, I also suffer depression (10 years), I have joint and muscle pain, I sound like a bowl of rice crispies when I walk or move any part of my body. I have to use a walking stick as I have weakness in my legs, I also have a buzzing sensation 24/7 in my legs which sometime goes up my spine and affects my back, neck and arms.
I take venlafaxine, (stopped it for a while to rule it out as the cause of myoclonus), clonazepam which helps me sleep but does not help with the jerks. I have chronic pain but cannot use painkillers due to IBS.
I suffer itchy skin but no rash. Also low attention span, I tend to zone out alot. Constantly tired.
All tests I have had come back normal, MRI of brain and spine, blood tests, lumbar puncture and test for rheumatism or arthritis all normal.
Any suggestions for tests and what is possibly causing all the above?
Thank you for your time.
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I suggest that your physician consider that you have one or more chronic infection.  Some of these, such as Borrelia, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia, etc., invade nerves and cause pain and transmission problems, including peripheral neuropathy, shots of pain in extremities and in the spinal cord, skin sensations, such as itiching, sunburn feeling and rashes, bowel problems, chronic fatigue, arthritis symptoms, night sweats and intermitent fevers, vision problems, hearing problems (tinnitis), memory loss, headaches, etc.  

These infections are not tested for in routine laboratory testing, and specialized tests, such as PCR on blood leukocytes, are required to pick them up.  Once identified, they can be successfully treated, but treatment often takes a long time due to a number of reasons that I won't go into in this post,

Prof. Nicolson
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