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Sudden onset Widespread Joint Pain and MORE

I recently woke up in the middle of the night with a sudden knee pain. It was like a big growing pain, with tons of pressure. 2 days later, i went to the Dr. and was referred to a Orthopedic. The orthopaedic and my Dr. diagnosed me with Degenerative Disc Disease. After a total of 3 days go by, the pain spread to my right foot, right ankle, femur and tibia. The next day to my left ankle, right elbow, left knee. The next day severe mussle pain set in on my lower back, innter thighs, and the right side of my jaw. My Lymphnodes in my armpits, neck and legs were very swollen.. Not painful or sore, with the exception of my left armpit.Today, a week later, I have the pain in every joint, my entire jaw, have a big lump behind my right knee, which is the worst joint pain of them all... I have been having sudden and severe abdominal pain, some diarrhea, shoulder pain, Mussle pain in my back, as well as chest mussle pain, pain on my heels, etc. I have had a few migranes, nausea, and feelings of being disoriented, or choppy or slurred speech at times.. I described it to a friend as almost like I am coming out of annestetic. I also had a lump on my back, as well as a clump of mussles that formed a knot rather quickly.. I have begun itching. Have no rashes, or any blemishes of my skin anywhere yet. My vision seems to have blurred but i am just confused. My blood work came back ok, and i am just seeing if something is being missed..The pain today seems to be joint pain in my legs and feet, mussle and bone in my back, and i cant tell if it is mussle or bone in my jaw, but my face is swollen as are all of my lymphnodes... Any help would bne appreciated. I am a 25 year old healthy male...
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I had this on the Arthritus site so Moved it over to Autoimmune community so see if anyone had anything like this and can help me.. I just want to have my Dr. try a little harder to try and diagnose something alreadyy!!!

Pain today seemed to taper off much more! Still have speech stuff happening.. Like I have been talking and i forget completely what I was even speaking about. I did develop a rash or dry skin patch under my eyes on my face that goes over my nose, it is very faint tho.. Actually it is very faint in color, however i have had that for a year and possibly quite a longer time than that actually. I remember it and just thought i had some rough skin.. Pulled records from 2000 and since then was diagnosed with Acute Nasopharyngitis, Left orbital temple headaches and SEVER other headaches that resulted in my dr. saying i had sinusidous as well as Vascular type headache disorder, A hemorrage of the Gastrointestinal Tract, Patellofemoral Syndrome, some more headaches, abdominal pain, and this was interesting.. In 2004 I was seen for a knee pain in my left knee/leg.. The notes state that I had a Sebaceous Cycst in my left knee.. Do NOT remember that.. These were all of my "After Dr. Visit Notes" that the Doctors had written.. Most of the visits were headaches and vision issues at first..I also had pleuciry and that was back in 2006... It was bad... I remember early last year i got very sick and they thought i caught mono but i tested neg. and blood work came back ok, they never found out what it was... High temps, flue like symptoms, BAD HEADACHES was the biggest factor with that.. My Dr. mentioned something about Lupus but i was never tested for it.., This was the urgent Care Dr. who did my blood work... If it were lupus, what on the blood test would show as abnormal, because the bloodwork all came back A-Okay!  What about the neuro problems i am having? Also, if i have had the rash, and had all of these symptoms, dating back 9 years, or maybe longer for some of them, wouldnt I have gotten the really bad symptons I am experiencing this past two weeks back when the origional symptoms started way back when?? What shall I do.. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me! I really appreciate it, really!!!
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I'm not entirely sure, but you might try posting your question in the neurology forum and even post it with the ask an expert neurology forum.  With so many neurological symptoms, perhaps someone there would give you some insight on what to ask your own doctor.  And, perhaps the undiagnosed forum might help you to get your answers you're looking for.  
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Welcome to the autoimmune medhelp forum.

I have systemic lupus and many of your symptoms sound like it could be lupus related.

Some test that are usually performed to dx lupus are:
sed rate
antiphosphalipid antibody

There are many, I know I'm leaving some out.  But be sure and spend time in the sun prior to your ANA test.  If you have lupus, it will cause the ANA to be elvated.

Praying for you,

Let me know if you have anymore questions.  Thanks for being so thorough in your description.
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You need to be tested for Lyme disease.  These symptoms were the very same for me, and I still have them.  I was just diagnosed and hopefully will be in treatment within a month.  One of the biggest things in Lyme is migrating arthritis pain.  But there is so much more than that.  I really recommend you watch Under Our Skin.  You can watch it on youtube.  Also watch the other Lyme stories.  Lyme is under reported, under diagnosed and currently under treated, but changes are being made hopefully to the CDC guidelines to change this.  The important thing is if you catch it in the first six weeks it is a bottle of doxycycline and it will cure it 95% of the time.  If you do not get treated within that time frame, it can be years of misery.  Another symptom I had and many, but not all have, is ringing in my ears.  I also hear a loud, loud heartbeat at times that will keep me awake.  All my autoimmune tests as well as Rheumatoid tests were negative, except for thyroid peroxidase and doctors were never concerned about that either because my TSH was always normal.  Your symptoms are common in Lyme.  Visit ILADS (Not IADS).  They are the foremost experts in Lyme, in my opinion, and particularly Joseph Burrascano's recommended treatment.  He treated Darryl Hall of Hall & Oates and many others.  He has years of experience treating Lyme. There is some speculation, and it has a lot of merit, that MS, Parkinson's, Lupus and other disorders are actually being caused by the Lyme bacteria.  The movie explains all of that.  I was able to see it, and I was astounded at the information.  This is not fly-by-night information.  This is unbelievable scientific research.  Know that because the CDC has not changed the testing in Lyme disease since they first made the test, the first test they require has only a 65% specificity so many people who have Lyme will and do test negative.  There are other tests that can be performed which is why it is important you read Joseph Burrascano's report.  Good Luck!
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I am 27 years old. I am a mother of three beautiful children. Three years ago I developed pain and since then symptoms started getting increasingly worse. They came out of no where. My father has MS and ankylosing spondylitis, RA and god know what else. I am going to a pain clinic trying to get diagnosed with something, anything. I have these things, I like to call pain attacks that come out of no where, it starts in my low back and chronic, I mean severe, pain radiates all over my body. Not just my joints. Every where. I get a fever and have to get under the covers and I just roll around in pain for about an hour or so before it settles down. I have to double up on my medicine and wait when this happens. I also get these things I call "rib attacks" where it feels like someone is sticking a knife right into my ribs and it hurts so bad I keel over and freeze up for a minute till it goes away. My everyday symptoms include aches and arthritic like pain in my joints and water retention and swelling. If these symptoms sound familiar let me know because to me they are not typical arthritis symptoms and this is how far I've gotten in 2 years with my doctor.
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