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Why did prednisone cure my psoriasis

I have had dandruff since a teenager, used Head and Shoulders type shampoo for decades.  I am 60 now and about 5 or so years ago, just gave up.  I have lots of red bumps on the back of my head, some around the hairline on front.  Some bleeding sometimes.  In most cases just an annoyance, not a serious issue.  

I hurt my back about 3 weeks ago and finally went to the doctor cause it was not getting better, Doctor prescribed a tapering dose of Prednisone (60x4days, 40x3 days, 20x3 days).  

Yesterday as I was driving home I was fidgeting with back of my head and noticed my bumps, irritation, etc.  are 100% gone.  So it seems that this should tell me something about how I can treat my scalp.  I have my own clinical trial that says that Prednisone fixed the problem.

Looking for ideas on what the predisone actually did, so I can figure out how to manage it.  I have NEVER in over 50 years had a clean scalp.
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Hello and welcome to the forum!  Thank you for your question.  Had you ever seen a dermatologist related to your scalp condition and psoriasis? Believe it or not, prednisone is something used to treat psoriasis. I guess you probably can believe that now. Talk to your doctor as this may be something yo can go back to in the future for relief.   https://www.hcplive.com/view/psoriasis-flare-rates-low-systemic-corticosteroid
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"finally went to the doctor cause it was not getting better"
Probably because you are in a perpetual state of inflammation. Ask your doc for an hsCRP test to see if that's so -- then you can try to prevent future heart problems, etc.
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"Looking for ideas on what the predisone actually did"
Kurt, psoriasis is an inflammatory condition. Prednisone is a powerful anti-inflammatory drug. It's in a class called corticosteroids. You wouldn't want to take them long term because of the side effects, though.

"so I can figure out how to manage it."
Good thinking. You can try *topical* corticosteroids to avoid side effects.  Prescription, or even over the counter such as hydrocortisone creme.

But then again, if you have other conditions that are related to having long term inflammation, you can look into taking natural oils or anti-inflammatory plants on a forever basis.  
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