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chest pains for several months now, doctors dont know whats wrong with me..

my chest pains have been getting worst over the months now. I get breathing difficulties and crushing pains in my central chest and get palpitations. I've been keep going back to the hospital and going out with no answers with the pains. once the ambulance crew compared my ECG and come to a conclusion that my PR has shortened. other crews come in when my blood pressure was really high or when I had low sugar levels, they never was together. I have been diagnosed with deficiency anaemia couple of years ago  and the medications for it didn't really help me. please help me
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If you are having chest pains, we advise you seek medical evaluation right away.  Please let us know how you are doing.  
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Hi, we have  iron deficiency anemia in a young woman that is refractory (it isn't helped) to taking iron supplements and balanced nutrition. Have your doctors considered autoimmune atrophic gastritis?

Iron deficiency anemia can cause most or all of your symptoms, and autoimmune atrophic gastritis can cause you to not absorb iron.  Also, I'm guessing that you have some reason to suspect an autoimmune condition, since you asked on this forum.


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