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A Little Humor to Lighten Us All Up!

This quote comes to us courtesy of a fabulous fellow dysautonomian I met elsewhere online.  I just *had* to ask her permission to quote her on this one, because it's one of the best things I've seen written about dysauto in quite some time.  I trust you'll all get a giggle out of it as well.  It was in response to the realization that she had Raynaud's in her feet (and oh, she did have a lovely picture of those little piggies turning colors to go with it!)

"So let me get this straight...still trying to wrap my mind around this dysautonomia crap..by having dys it means we have the possibility of having every, syndrome, phinomina(sp?), disorder, illness, disease process that ever existed? I think Im beginning to understand, one lousy symptom at a time. Yay...So whats next? Cant wait to find out. I think I need to go take my Sarcasma..."
-Cyndi L. O.
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I wish my son COULD laugh at this. Laughing causes his symptoms!
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   Thanks for sharing :)
       It's always good to have a good laugh to break up the... sx, dr's appts, sleeping, compression stockings, sleeping, medications, sodium intake, oh ya did I mention sleeping, monitoring B/P, monitoring Pulse, and last but not least...Sleeping!

    So again, Thank you "H" for breaking up the day with a smile!

Take Care,

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