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Allergy Shots with Dysautonomia?

I've intermittantly gotten itchy hives on my arms and they seem to initially get set off after being out of doors.  I  recently found out I'm allergic to a lot of things.  I'm moderately allergic to our beloved indoor cat and I'm allergic to some common trees that grow around here, some weeds and grasses and more.  The doctor wanted to do allergy shots, but I'm afraid, because I feel I can't take antihistamines, etc. if I have a bad reaction to the allergy shots because I've noticed tachycardia (and even once a spike in blood pressure that I know of) at times taking that sort of medicine .  Has anyone else with P.O.T.S. tried allergy shots?  If so, how did you do?
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I don't have an.answer but wonder if the Dr that diagnosed your P.O.T.S would know that information. I certainly can understand your concern and wouldn't try it without researching that further.
Good luck. Allergies are no fun.
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I no longer live in the same state as the electrophysiologist who diagnosed me with P.O.T.S., and I don't think he would talk to me, no longer being a member of that HMO.
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Oh well so much for that idea then. Hopefully someone here will have had some experience with this and give you some good answers.
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