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Anyone have a succeful approach with very high bps but wild bp swings?

BP on awaking this am was 171/99. Yesterday post-nap was 121/76.  Dramatic reactions to foods. Turkey (but not chicken) lowers it, asparagus raises it. Practically anything non fresh raises it (tyramines?) to point of hypertertensive crisis. Also get rebounds so if one thing lowers it, then there's a rebound later. So getting dramatic overreactions to near everything.   Overstimulation can put it in hypertensive crisis too.(think phone calls , conversations) I do very badly with meds (mast cell issue?) so was hoping for an Integrative med solution...For context note other symptoms go with it - impossible to control temps- one minute chills and freezing, the next hot surges so strong i've ripped the buttons clear off my shirt/. And to give backrgound, history of sjogrens, history of inability to detox, but the final straw was a recurrent i assume herpatic virus, so while now continuous, initally flared with recurrences. Seems like cranial nerves affected by virus since besides eruption get nerve pain top of head, bridge of nose, ear ache, tinnitus, face, electric sensations in head and chest that jar me awake. does not appear to be POTS, I don't think not even hyperandrenergic pots.

beta blockers? clonidine? guanfacine? alpha blockers? Ace receptor blockers? calcium channel blockers? All seem awful for my case. (e.g. what if it turns out have a hidden pheo? what if i do have mast cell). plus am so intolerant of meds. And with those swings in bp, this is not normal hypertension.  Anyone have success? docs are useless and I'm doctored out!!
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