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Anyone have h pylori or gi issue cause their pots? Any hope of healing?

Had chronic burping start out of the blue august
21 2020. It would build up gas and pressure in chest endlessly and need to burp but it didn't actually relieve anything. Sometimes would be better or worse but chronic. Barely ever burped prior. Oct 3 2020 so about 1month after I suddenly and also out of the blue developed heart rate spikes. Later found I meet the criteria for pots and realized the pounding and huge spikes in heart rate when I stood, bent, exerted were pots. Fast forward during my quest for answers I took a test called gi map which showed high h pylori , bad bacteria overgrowths and more. I always felt as this happened like dominos they must be connected. Its been almost two years getting no where. I still hope one day if I heal my gut the pots stuff will resolve. I almost think I maybe could've had mild signs of pots earlier in life but nothing like the spikes I was getting in 2020. My HR could easily jump70-100bpm. It was of course terrifying and not the only odd symptom. I got on metoprolol quickly as Drs first thought I had arrhythmia called vtach but I didnt. Heart monitor did show air though, but separate time than the pots symptoms. Just found this site and wondering if anyone had gut issues as their cause of pots. There are some other possibilities maybe, but this seems the most closely linked.
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Aivr* I meant. Also I have tapered down to half of metoprolol and been doing strict diet and taking supplements to help. However my HR is still crazy. I assume if I go fully off med ill be right back how I started. When I was on full dose it did manage heart rate well but still made me more lightheaded, lethargic and cause some weight gain. I would really like to address the root cause as I feel it could maybe go away. I have done a natural h pylori protocol once and it helped but then came back it seems.
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