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Blood pressure in head when bending down

I have trouble bending down. Like tying my shoes etc. It feels like all my blood rushes to my head and making it explode (a bit exaggerated but anyway). I also have problems with lifting things. Especially lifting and bending at the same time. Not because of vertigo but because it feels so uncomfortable in my head. Standing on my head would be the nightmare. I think my head would explode.

I am trying to figure out if this is because of my migraine or because of my orthostatic intolerance (POTS). The POTS would make sense but still I don't know.

Anyone who is familiar with this? Anyone who isn't?

I should say that my migraine does not just come in episodes, it is constant, every second every day. So is my POTS. That's why it is so hard to figure out what symptom is caused by what illness.

Thanks in advance, to all of you!
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I think it's probably normal, happens to me too and doc tells me I'm normal. What's your blood pressure?
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I don't think it is normal. Because the days when I do feel normal (happens once or twice per year) it does not feel like this. And most healthy people can hang upside down without problems (at least the young), even though I can't figure out why anyone would have to;). I couldn't possibly do that more than a few seconds. Same with hand standing.

My blood pressure is normal but I have POTS so my body can not regulate it properly. When I stand up the blood rushes to my feet, so it is only logical that if I hang upside down the blood would rush to my head.

Still, not sure if it actually is the POTS or if it is the migraine..

Thank you for your answer though.
Might be a bit late responding,  but considering POTS,have you ever had a spine MRI to look for anything out of the ordinary? Checking for syrinxs aka: fluid filled cavities within the spinal canal? This could or might be a factor that often results in the development of POTS. As far as symptoms, when looking down with your head against your chest did you feel pain/pressure that literally shoots through the neck and feels like it's going to bust through the top right side of the head? Also when doing this or while laying down,do you hear what seems to be like sand going through a straw while feeling that pressure? If any of this is close to what you went or are going through, look into syringomyelia, as well as chiari malformation. I am a patient advocate for these two specific "rare" conditions having them myself. If this sounds close to what may be happening, feel free to contact me for any advice or help. If by chance this issue has been resolved since the original posted date, that's great news. If none of the above helps, I hope you find an answer soon.
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I have syringomyelia and I get this same feeling every single time I bend over. I've been told over and over by my doctor's that they don't know what it is but my syrinx wouldn't be causing it. I think that's BS cause a physical therapist I know says it's NOT normal to feel that way when bending over. I'm still looking for answers.
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Did you ever find some answers?! I am dealing with the same exact thing
I have just been diagnosed with NCS which is similar to POTS, and both a form a dysautonomia- but also we are looking into increased spinal fluid pressure in my head, called Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension. I get this pressure feeling when bending over, when straining while on my back, and with moderate exertion.
It is diagnosed by a neurologist by doing a spinal tap to measure the pressure of spinal fluid. Here's hoping and praying for a diagnosis and relief.
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