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Could there be a hypothalamus problem?

Just was looking at a link on the hypothalamus recently and I am wondering with dysautonomia, if there couldn't be a problem with the hypothalamus gland.  The site says it's involved in inhibiting and stimulating
the balance of your electrolytes and fluids and thirst
your blood pressure and heart rate
how much you weigh and your appetite
glands of the intestines and stomach secreting
your cycles of sleep
producing substances influencing the hormone release by your pituitary gland.

If medhelp wants to give me permission, I'd be happy to give the link out here.

Think there could be a problem with our hypothalamus glands?
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I don't know regarding the antibiotic, but you have enough symptoms it sounds like you should see a neuroendocrinologist for some hormonal testing!  Did you get an MRI of your brain after this seizure of sorts & high fever?
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Does anyone know if the hypothalamus or pituitary glands can be damaged by a severe allergic reaction to Ceclor(an antiobiotic) I had a seizure of sorts w/ high fever and black diarrhea after minor surgery...afterwards I couldn't sleep and was freezing cold and intestines just stop working and menstrual cycle stopped for 3 years. Doctors are not helping me and it's been 16 years now living w/ chronic insomnia and extreme constipation, I had know problems b/f the allergic reaction.  If anyone has any similar experiences or ideas, I look forward to reading.  Thankyou
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Found this info on another website- an endocrinology one:

Hypothalamic tumors can lead to thirst control disturbances and osmolality dysregulation.  These tumors may cause a person to find themselves massively obese due to abnormal  satiety control.  Hypothalamic tumors might also cause body temperature control dysregulation.

...Osmolality (which can dysfunction with a hypothalmic tumor): According to a lab tests website, some reasons testing for this is done are to try to evaluate water and electrolyte balance in the body; to look into low blood salt and increased or decreased production of urine.
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You sure sound intelligent!  Remember, I have a pituitary tumor myself.  I hope some other people will chime in their two-cents here!
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  The hypothalamus is like "central command" and can definitely be involved with some types of dysautonomia. The problem with finding the true source of a dysautonomic condition is that the body has so many "backup" systems to prevent the symptoms expressed, it's difficult to pin down any one cause among all these systems. Where is the backup failure happening?

Some people find out through testing they have definite heart disorder, or vascular disorder, and are helped with medication, but when test after test cannot determine any specific cause for the blood pressure changes, or tachycardia, or weakness, etc. etc., doctors end up trying drug after drug, to find something that will help, but stop looking for the source of the system failure.

Neurotransmitters can be altered or affected by so many things. Did you know that there are as many neurotransmitters in your gut as there is in your brain? How many people have looked at an intestinal disturbance as the source of their headaches or migraines, and yet parasites, and gut damage from yeast , viruses, and food allergies are common causes of headaches.

Personally, I think we are all controlled by our hormones. LOL  If end-organ stimulating hormones from our hypothalamus are abnormal, anything and everything could go wrong!
Probably, metabolic damage from viruses and environmental toxins (including adjuvants in vaccines, tobacco toxins, PCB's etc.) play a huge role in what eventually goes wrong in our bodies, and these can all affect  brain function.

So, let's all get out and get those metabolic DNA tests done, even if our doctor's can't interpret them!

Sorry, I can't help but have a biased opinion on this, since my son's problems are hormonal, from his damaged pituitary. He may very well have something else going on, but right now, his doctors won't look beyond the effects from the tumor, which has been surgically removed.
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