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Days of tachy cardia followed by 32 second heart pause

So since I was 13 I have had spells of syncope that mimicked seizures. I finally got a Dr to listen and not blame anxiety. I was sent home on a 30 day monitor. On the 30 day monitor I had many episodes of tachycardia. Just days before my heart paused for 32 seconds, it got extremely high in the 160s. I have had many ekgs. Some show very small abnormalities like enlarged right ventrical and tachy cardia. I had one that showed short p waves. My stress test and echo both came back normal. I was given a tilt table test after the 32 second pause that was negative. They decided to just place me with a pacemaker and be done with me. I still don't know what's causing the pauses and I would live some ideas to suggest to my Dr to get answers. Right before the syncope spells, I get super nauseated and cramps, hot then my vision goes black and I start loosing Control of my muscles starting with my head until I collapse and have almost like a seizure like episode. I want to add many times it's starts while I'm sleeping and I am awoken by it.
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