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Do benzodiazepines or antidepressants help regulate the autonomic nervous system?

I suffer from postural hypotension and dizziness/lightheadedness. I feel dizzy or lightheaded even when my blood pressure is normal. I also feel fatigued most of the time. Would benzos or antidepressants help treat my symptoms?
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A) Do you drink 6-8 glasses of fluid daily?  

  1) Is your ferritin, your blood iron, your vitamin B 12 level, and thyroid function all normal?
  2)  Are your sodium level, heart function, kidney function, and vestibular system all fine?

Benzos- if you take them long term and go off of them- I think they may cause a rebound tachycardia.

I once had a doctor suggest that with my tachycardia (I have I.S.T. and P.O.T.S. that I might be bouncing off the walls if I took antidepressant medication (I think was referring to specific variety of them).  

But are you considering these medications because you feel your tiredness is being caused by depression or your dizziness when your blood pressure is fine might be being caused by anxiety?  If you are and you need medication, you may want to work with a knowledgeable psychiatrist to find the best fit, given your medical circumstances.

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