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Does anyone else with dysautonomia expierience these symptoms?

I was diagnosed with Dysautonomia a few years ago. I am not sure which category I am in because different doctors say different ones. I remember one saying neurocardiogenic syncope but the thing is I don't pass out. I have only passed out once in my life. I have a question, does anyone else experience sensitivity to air pressure change? When I was 11 we got new windows in. the weatherization people came to put the new windows in and when they were done they used the big fan that they hooked up to the door to suck the air out of the house to see if the windows were intact and as soon as they were done I passed out and got blue and purple dots all over my body, I went to the hospital and surprisingly enough they could not find anything wrong with me. Was that the dysautonomia? and I am also sensitive to air pressure change. When it rains out or before a bad storm I get lightheaded, ansy and just a seasick feeling. Does anyone else experience the same thing?

My second question is most of my life I have been feeling out of it, disoriented, feeling like im in a dream and can't wake up feeling all the tiem and can't figure out why. I am on medication for my anxiety but nothing is shaking the disoriented feeling. is it from dysautonomia? how do you guys deal with these symptoms and treat it?

Advice would be much appreciated!!

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Hi. Dysautonomia can certainly cause an inability to adjust to environmental changes such as pressure changes. I've not heard of dysautonomia itself causing sensitivity to the pressure as it relates to weather, though; I'm more familiar with the symptoms of altitude sickness and pressure changes from flying in an airplane. What you are experiencing certainly could be related to dysautonomia or possibly another comorbidity.

I don't usually experience brain fog as a feeling of surrealism, but it's possible that that's how it manifests to you. Decreased oxygen perfusion to the brain causes sub-optimal brain performance.

I don't know that these symptoms are targeted specifically; the more you manage your dysautonomia overall, the better these should get as well. In cases where brain fog is extremely pronounced, some doctors will prescribe medication like provigil or ritalin, but these can also worsen other dysautonomia symptoms so the benefit has to be weighed against the drawbacks.
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