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Dysautonomia, PLEASE HELP

I was diagnosed with a nervous system imbalance called Dysautonomia in 2005. At the time my main problem (and the only symptom I really noticed) was a SEVERE sensitivity to the effects of ALL drugs and herbs. I do NOT mean an allergic reaction.  Instead, it was that I experienced the ENORMOUSLY exaggerated effects of whatever herb or medicine it was, even by consuming the smallest amount!!!! And it was not in my head. It was never a sensitivity to foods or anything else. Only medicinal things.

Move forward a couple years: I noticed that the sensitivity to drugs and herbs was temporarily gone whenever I would take Ashwagandha extract daily (which has SOME effect on acetylcholine receptor activity) and as long as I took it daily, it made my sensitivity go away completely.

Move forward another couple years:  At some point, something I took CDP Choline (also known as Citicoline) or Choline Bitartrate and they left me PERMANENTLY UNAFFECTED by herbs/drugs and permanently disabled me with the worst chronic fatigue of my life.  As a matter of fact, some drugs and herbs even have the opposite effects than intended now, and I can barely move I'm so fatigued.  No supplements, herbs, or drugs seem to have the intended effects, and I cannot reverse the effect back to how things were.  Any idea what happened?  The only thing I could have possibly combined with the CDP-Choline or Choline Bitartrate is Kava and/or Ashwagandha.  How do you restore sensitivities once cholinergics took them away?  Any idea what is going on?  Please help.
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I’m not sure but I would check some of the bodybuilding forums and chat rooms. They really seem to understand the effects of a lot of supplements. I hope you find some answers.
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