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Had tilt table, do I have a form of Dysautonomia?

Had tilt table test done, just got back results... it states evry other test done with the tilt table test came back Normal. But for the tilt table portion these are my results..  
  Laying   Upright  2Min    
BP 126/72  153/105  149/106
HR 68        97      95
    5Min    10Min
BP 156/104  149/100
HR   91      89

Are these normal?
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  We wanted to hear back from you with any update after seeing your doctor.  Dysautonomia can be a bit difficult to diagnose.  Did your blood pressure go up or down with the tilt table?
I currently have no doctor treating the POTS or dysautonomia. I only developed the symptoms after I had the concussion and COVID 19. My Post COVID 19 doctor in the clinic thinks its post covid 19 related. I sent my records to Dr. Kontorovich in Mt Sinai Post Covid Clinic in NYC but appointment is in November 2021. Its complicated because I also had an abnormal MRV that shows a transverse sinus condition in my brain so I am on topomax that is helping a bit to stabilize the  blood pressure from being too high but then the pulse drops. Hoping my cardiologist can figure a way to manage it. Any suggestions of a doctor in NJ to manage it that takes insurance. I am going to see a neruo opthamologist in NYC for the transverse sinus condition and migraines and functional medicine doctor in NYC who is a neuro opthamologist who thinks out of the box hoping she has some solutions?      
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Idk.. but you don’t have POTS so my work here is fine!
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Experts now suggesting the NASA 10 minute standing test. I've been doing it for a year, every couple of weeks. Much more consistent results and you can do it at home at no cost. Checkout the Batemen (SP) Center website.
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