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IV Treatment

Some forms of Dysautonomia have been known to respond to IV Saline therapy.  What is your experience with this?  Elaborate below if you will like.
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  I suppose I will chime in here as well  :)

  I would be in favor of doing this..For Certain....if it would help me to feel better!
Question?? Is iy specific for certain AD's....Like has it only or does it only for POTS?
What about NCS?

     And as long as we are talking about Pee = Mine too is pretty clear..usualyy color of toilet water, sometimes a shad or 2 darker but rarely....There I said it..No all knows about me urine..LOL

So sorry that your urine is so concentrated...Yah, I agree...Just where are all the fluids going that tyou are consuming??   Do you get swollen?? Retain fluids??

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Is it just a saline IV or is there other stuff in there also?  When I have had saline IV for any reason I have felt incredibly good.  I have thought about the port b/c my old doc, who retired, was doing those.  But I am nervous about infection. I don't faint though so I think that if I were in your shoes I would do the same thing. I hope you have recovered from the recent fall and seizure. :)

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I've been through a few bouts of polydipsia (excessive thirst) where I actually was so desperate to take in fluids that I had to look up the limits of how much fluid can be taken in per unit of time before you hit water toxicity.  (Yes, you can actually cause brain damage or even death with plain old water.  And I was thirsty enough that this was a legitimate concern.  Oy.)  Because of THAT, diabetes insipidus was definitely considered (and thoroughly ruled out) a long time ago.  We literally have no idea where my fluids go, as when I get a bunch of IVs you can see the puffiness from all the fluids (say if I get 5 in 24 hours), but I don't really seem to have fluid retention from my oral intake.  Also TMI, but I have IBS-C (as opposed to the mixed or diarrhea-prevalent kind of IBS, so I've assured my docs that it is NOT ending up being lost in my stool).  I seem to sweat less and less every year since I've been sick also, and my home health care team comments frequently on my freakish ability not to sweat, so it's not going out that way either.  That leaves ... the moisture in my breath?  Maybe I'm exhaling PURE STEAM!!  LOL  Who knows?

As for the kidney stone, SurgiM., only 30% of it's composition was the common type of calcium oxalate stone.  The other 70% was something else, which my doc said raised suspicion of parathyroid problems.  BUT the results from my blood tests for that just came in over my computerized hospital account late last night and it looks rather negative to me.  (Though my ALT is up again, ugh.)  So, it not being parathyroid, apparently I'm just making mystery rocks.  :-p  I dunno, my plan is to pester my cardiologist about the port hoping that pushing more fluids through my kidneys will keep things dilute enough to prevent more stones from forming.  I didn't *really* want parathyroid surgery anyway.

Laura, yeah, just plain ol' saline.  The first time I got a round of saline bags for a bad dysauto crash, I seriously thought I was ready to dance a jig back out of the hospital.  It may just be saline, but that temporary volume expansion feels GLORIOUS when you're so accustomed to plummeting BPs and tanking cerebral profusion.  Which, btw, Tonya, makes me think it would work for NCS as well because it's the cerebral hypoperfusion that knocks you out in syncope so volume expansion would keep more steady pressure up to your head I would think.  (Of course, I've been wrong before, so don't hand me my honorary MD yet, LOL.)

OMG, the most lecherous spider crawled up over my desk whilst I was typing this post and I sat crouched like a coward on the floor for ten minutes watching him and waiting for my home health aide's shift to start so she would kill it for me.  I'm such a coward and EWWWWWW, spiders are ICKY!  (Yes, I'm in my 30s and I'm still afraid of spiders.)
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Have they estimated a GFR on you lately?   Just the other night, I was laying in my bed in the semi-darkness and saw a spider descending right above my head on a web!  I got my shoes and clapped them together and then carried the shoes over and squished it.  It really made me feel kind of in shock and I thought of telling a relative of mine but she has a bug phobia already, so decided not to.
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  What you said in your post towards me...I am going to call on Monday to discuss w/ ElectroPhysio doc.   Do you think that a my regular Cardiologist would be "Up" on this or is this usually out of their league??

   As Always, Thanks for the Info  :)
AND..if I were there, I would have smacked that spider for you...Yep! bare handed...I am not afraid of spiders but snakes really Creep me out!  Lol


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   I just got through reading back all the post on this poll.

Oh my gosh!!!  PLEASE excuse my spelling errors!  I used to be the best speller.
But now, my fingers and brain do not coordinate and i am getting letters mixed up kinda like dylexia? .....perhaps due to lack of oxygen to brain and having cognitive problems from the Multiple Sclerosis??

   Have a Great weekend Everyone  ;)
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