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Is a complete description of the Tilt Table test available?


I have some questions about the Tilt Table test.

Symptoms started getting worse a few months ago. Fatigue, dizziness/lightheaded when going from sitting to standing, occasional fainting, sometimes racing heart (while sitting) followed by extreme fatigue, swelling, can't tolerate warm weather (trouble breathing, elevated heart rate, dizziness). Did the whole range of blood tests and referrals after my PCM was stumped. One specialist rand through a whole other set of blood tests and then did an Orthostatic test and said I needed to see a cardiologist ASAP.

Saw the cardiologist and he said most likely either cardiac or vascular problem. Did Halter monitor, ultra sounds, scans, and a very mild stress test. Tilt table test done and waiting for results.

I have questions about the Tilt Table test and would appreciate if anyone can help me.

Is there a place I can read up on Tilt Table test protocol and procedure? Something that would be a like a master list or outline.  Including all the optional things, like medicine to trigger symptoms, carotid manipulation, etc?

What can be expected from the carotid portion? Is fainting common at that stage?

Are body systems stressed during different stages of the Tilt Table test? Like additional input by the tech to calm or stress the body?

Are measurements done on the lower legs to assess swelling during the upright stages?

Thanks for any help you can provide. I'm trying to understand more about this.

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Sadly, there is no standardized procedure. Even at the best autonomic centers, there isn't a single answer to this question because they can have one protocol for patients with more neuro symptoms and another for patients with more cardiac symptoms. You may want to look on YouTube at videos of other people's tilts? But just yours should have been tailored to your case so you can't do a direct 1:1 comparison, which I think is what you're wanting?
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