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Is this all connected?

I'm a 31 year old female from Australia.
I have a range of health issues that have been diagnosed at different timepoints, and am wondering if they are all connected (ie is there one explanation/diagnosis that explains the lot - or am I just a "lotto winner" having scored a range of diagnoses?)

- Overweight (though I eat like a mouse, am vegetarian and wheat free.)
- Lack coordination (have all my life, with coordination classes as a child)
- Dyslexic with occassional stuttering/spoonerism speech
- Wheat Allergy (gastro reaction - is not coeliacs)
- Low blood pressure
- Spinal scoliosis
- Inability to stand in one place for more than 10 minutes without fainting (still being investigated for POTS or Orthostatic Intolerance)
- Tinnitis

Are these all connected? Is there something I can do to alliviate the impact of these on my life?

The combination of the above means I tend to get labeled a "hypochondriac". I've had numerous tests and scans since age 8 with no resulting diagnosis.

I used to work in cancer treatment - but had to change to research as I could not tolerate being on my feet all day. Working in Radiation Therapy bunkers, I had to jump up from my seat and run through mazes into the treatment units - and often missed turns, resulting in my impressions on walls! :P

Even with my medical background - no amount of searching through journal articles and medical books has turned up any possible answers.

Any ideas on what it could be?
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Hey!  Someone else who flatlines during tilt tests!  Hooray!  You might read the info on Peripheral Neuropathy in the Health Topics (up between Forums and Doctors).  I have a kind of PN called Small Fiber Neuropathy, which is responsible for my BP drops, gastroparesis, heart rate going crazy when I breathe deeply, tripping over feet/tables/dogs that I would swear I was clear of, passing out, and can also cause hearing problems.  See if that sounds like you.
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Are you taking any meds?
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Thanks for the reply.

I've had a tilt table test - it was positive, with me passing out, and flat-lining on the EKG within 15 minutes of the 45 minute test. I felt so sick and uncoordinated, and when I came around, I couldn't speak for 5 minutes, and had no idea where I was or who was in the room with me.

I could remember being upright on the table, remember feeling nauseous and giddy, could remember my head dropping - then had strange memories and dreams - then waking up laying flat having no idea where I was.

My philosophy on all this...everything happens for a reason.

It's just frustrating that it keeps interfering with my career - I studied Radiotherapy (3 years + 1 year internship) and now cant work as a Radiotherapist any more! I live in a rural area, but can not get a drivers licence, so am limited as to where I live, and where I can work. I'm now studying biostatistics while working in cancer research - and the symptoms are starting to interfere with work and study again.

Though if it wasn't for the dysautonomia, I would never have gotten into research, my father would not have gotten into Radiotherapy (he followed me into uni) and my family would not have moved interstate (which has worked out so well for them, and has meant we can stay together).

I also would not have gotten into biostatistics study - so who knows where it will all lead.

I think of these as "pots of gold at the end of the rainbow" and in order to have the rainbow...we need the rain! In other words, these diagnoses and problems cause a jump in our lives that leads to better things...
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    Sorry!   I have no great answer for you but wanted you to know that I did read your post and say that.........Sometimes we get the cards we are dealt for whatever reason and I do know that the harder you try and connect the dots to see if they are all related, you can drive yourself nuts over it!

    I also have several dx of things and while some "could" be related ......the others are what I call, "A bonus".  Just my thought though......Are you going to have a Tilt Table done anytime soon?  I am asking because of the syncope you are having.

Have a great rest of the week,
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