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Looking for advice for POTS with intermittent symptoms

I had my first (undiagnosed) episode of POTS that caused me to pass out about six years ago after a course of Prednisone for poison ivy. At the time, it was misdiagnosed as some type of odd reaction to prednisone and my adrenals. I just recently had a second episode And was admitted overnight to the hospital. I passed out at work and then they discovered the heart rate in the 150's. It was officially diagnosed with a suspected onset after a sinus infection. I was told not to be too concerned about it, to drink more water, eat more salt, and started on Metoprolol 25mg twice a day. I am now having trouble because my blood pressure is normally pretty low, so I have had to play around with the metoprolol dose to stay upright without dizziness! My heart rate seems to vary SO much. I have days where it is in the 50's on the beta blocker and is never above 90 standing. Other days it goes from the 50's at rest to the 120's, even with the metopro l. Can the symptoms of POTS be really intermittent? How do I take the Metoprolol if one day my heart rate is too low, and another too high? Cardiology does not seem concerned. Just wondering if anyone else has any experience with the tachycardia not being consistent from one day to the next?
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