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MedHelp iPhone apps

Do you use any of the MedHelp iPhone apps (i.e. My Cycles, I'm Expecting, Sleep On It, Moody Me, and/or My Diet Diary for iPhone from the iTunes App Store)?  If so, how helpful have you found them?  Please comment below!
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Well, I'll start since I posted it.  My Mr. McDreamy has the iPhone in our house, and I'm an Android gal.  So unless/until they port these apps over to Android OS, I won't really get a chance to use them on a regular basis.  I don't mind trying things out on his phone just to get a feel for them, but it's just not practical to track *my* health on my S.O.'s smartphone.  :-/

My ultimate DREAM would be to see our dysautonomia tracker (hopefully a simplified, pared-down version thereof) ported over to iPhone and Android.  Actually, even just getting the BP tracker onto smart phone would be great; the ones available currently on smart phones are—in my not-so-humble opinion—not nearly as good as ours.  I really love the MedHelp BP tracker because we were able to incorporate LOW blood pressure signs/symptoms instead of just gearing it toward patients with high blood pressure (like 99.9% of the BP tracking apps/widgets out there).  

Beyond that, I think the best "future" of these health tracker apps is to have full integration where the data rests in "the cloud" and is able to sync flawlessly between your home computer, your smart phone, your tablet PC (iPad, Xoom, etc.) and your online account (so you can access it from any computer).  Apps are increasingly heading in this direction, and with the right security/privacy checks in place, this seems to me to be the best solution for a future where many people interact with technology across multiple devices.

Sorry, I guess that was a really long explanation for "no."  I guess my point is that I'm really excited about these apps and can't wait to see where MedHelp goes from here and hope that Android is a part of it (or I guess I'll just bogart Mr. McDreamy's phone?? hahaha).
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I would love to have a BP tracker on my Iphone that targets low instead of high.  Please let me know if you find a good one and what it is.
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only 2 votes?
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I am guessing (based on a pitifully small sample size, which is also inherently biased because it includes myself, LOL) that maybe a preponderance of our community members are not iPhone owners, and as such didn't even bother to click on the survey when they saw the title was "MedHelp iPhone apps."  

In retrospect, I probably should have chosen a better title to avoid this kind of "selection bias."  Naturally, some people who don't have an iPhone might think "oh this doesn't apply to me" and skip over the poll entirely.  So yeah, it's probably my fault.  I was hoping to get some feedback from people who do have iPhones and had used the apps, but maybe our community is to small of a "pool" to "fish" from.
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My DH has a droid and if the app were there for us, I would use it.

I haven't used any of the other apps listed and there was no choice for that, so I couldn't vote; maybe I misread the poll - happens alot with me :P  
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All of the apps listed in this particular poll are iPhone apps specifically.  None of these particular ones have been ported to Android yet, although I personally hope they eventually will be.  Sorry if I didn't write the poll clearly.  When you have brain foggy people writing and brain foggy people reading, there are bound to be missed connections, LOL.
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