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Ms. America- Dysautonmia

Wanted to let you  all know! I will be competing in Ms. America January 30th. My platform and the reason I chose to compete is to spread awareness for dysautonomia. I dedicate this to all of you! I have not posted for  along while. Many of you may not be aware my own two girls were totally disabled from it. After a year of research I found a treatment that you will soon hear about. My girls were the clinical study. I have been blessed. When my girls were suffering I prayed everyday. Now they are completely perfect(on meds). I will always keep my promises. This illness will soon be known by all. We will find a cure! Please find me on Ms. America website and connect with me on facebook. I will never ever forget the suffering. God Bless You all, we will beat this!
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Great to hear from you!  Glad you and your girls are doing well, and best wishes to you in this endeavor!  As always, we need to spread awareness if we are to get greater understanding and increase the scope of research into the various forms of dysautonomia and their treatment.  

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I just saw this post, so sorry I missed the entire show. I only caught a bit of it.  But that is a really kind thing to do.  God bless you as well.
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