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My Daughter POTS

My 19 year old daughter has had POTS since she was born. She is currently on a beta blocker for her fast heart rate, increase her salt and fluid intake, daily exercise, getting enough rest, and more. Whenever we go out shopping, she can only handle being out for about 30 minutes to an hour (depends how she is feeling), then she is exhausted and feeling horrible. She wants to stay out longer, but if she does, she is sick for almost the entire weekend. She wears compression socks and a fitness tracker. Her watch will say that her heart rate will go up to 140 beats per minute when we are shopping and she starts to feel horrible. She will drink and eat a salty snack to try to help her symptoms, but she can not continue to shop. There has been times she has had to lie down before blacking out in a store. She will not let me push her around in a cart (for her, it is too embarrassing). She has a friend that wants to hang out with her, but she can not walk in the mall with her. She told me when she stands too long, she gets dizzy, lightheaded, fatigue, weakness in the arms and legs, blood pooling, blurry vision, and lose her balance. She has blacked out, but I have not seen her blacked out in front of me. I do not know want to do for my baby girl. Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do for her, please?
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