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Mystery Illness 5 years now

Hi! I am a 31 year old female in otherwise healthy condition but need help figuring  out whats going on with me in the summer esp.:

I have internal temperature regulation issues; i'm either hot or cold never comfortable.  Its easy to deal with in the cold, but in the heat I just get very ill because I cant stay cool.  So every summer I have a lot of health problems:

When exposed to the heat I seem to get really sick.  I have heat exhaustion symptoms (red skin, headache, muscle weakness and cramps) yet I'm not dehydrated. I sweat very little.  (I drink a lot, also pedia-lite and other electrolyte drinks; my urine is practically clear).  It gets to the point where it's hard to breathe and only being in the cold and not moving helps (takes a few days to truly recuperate).

But...I also have gastritis (delayed gastric emptying).  

So know these 3 things: gastritis, internal temperature regulation issues and little/irregular sweating.  Could this be an autonomic nervous system issue??

Other notes: I've had blood work done - all the tests come back normal (thyroid, vitamin levels, hormonal issues, etc.) so I know it's probably not an endocrine issue.  I also eat well (lean meats,veges, ct by the book) and am a health weight for my height (5"2, 105lbs).  

So what could this be??  I would love some advice; after 5 years of this it's getting rough -hard to function and get through work and enjoy the summer time.  Anyone have similar experiences??  Thanks so much for the help!!
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Hi, I would look for a cardiologist that specializes in the rhythms of the heart ( electrophysiologist) or a neurologist that can test for autonomic dysfunction. Depending on your area, this can be hard to find. You didn't mention if you experience any changes in heart rate associated with the heat but certainly the things you stated seem to indicate an autonomic issue. Cleveland clinic, mayo clinic and Vanderbilt all do autonomic testing, I can't recommend any over the other as I haven't been yet, but I was diagnosed with dysautonomia by an electrophysiologist thru a tilt table test. My primary issue was an inappropriate heart rate that was very exasperated by heat.
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