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Progress: An Autonomic Disorders Workshop

Hope.   The American Autonomic Society is presenting, for the first time ever, an "intensive patient-based workshop in the evaluation and treatment of autonomic disorders for primary care physicians, generalists in neurology, cardiology, pediatrics, and gastroenterology, and any other interested practitioners including physicians, nurses and medical assistants."  The agenda is very interesting.  Even though the date is right around the corner, it is an excellent opportunity to show this information to your healthcare provider because even just the agenda explains more than they probably know about autonomic disorders.  It also has a list of the expert panel of speakers, which could help make contacts between your physician and an authority in the field.  

Here is the link.  It is worth a quick read.  

21st International Symposium on the Autonomic Nervous System
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It is great to see this type of seminar!  Thanks for posting.  Marie  
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I looked at the link and see my son's 2 doctors are on the list of presenters.  The first speaker, Dr Thomas Chelimsky is my son's neurologist.  He is very good.  His wife, Dr Gisela Chelimsky is also on the list, and we just love her.  She is a very compassionate doctor.  Every time we have an appointment, they have other doctors from around the country and world with them training on autonomic dysfunction.
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My mom is a doctor and we found out about this a couple months ago and she is going to it.  I'll let you guys know what she finds out.
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I just sent the link to my son's endocrinologist. I doubt he would go, but he studied under one of the presenters, so maybe he will take an interest in it.

Thanks for the info!
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Thanks for the link! I forwarded it on to our pc. If anything maybe it'll help her understand how "real" this is....
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I suggested to a friend (Family Practice M.D.) that she consider this as a specialty.  She would be the only one in all of South Florida if she did it.  She is involved now in a fellowship in anti-aging medicine, which is new and upcoming specialty.  It deals alot with hormones, toxicity, etc.  I am still going to keep talking to her about this.  Maybe she has a colleague that would be interested.  If we all spoke with physicians that we see or know and asked them to think of a colleague in your community that might be interested in becoming a leading regional specialist in an important upcoming specialty, we might make progress getting some specialists in our communities all over.  

If a doc doesn't even know what it is, how would he/she ever look into the education to specialize.  
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My daughter is in college at Centenary in Shreveport, LA studying Neuroscience with the hope of becoming a Pediatric Neurologist specializing in Autonomic Disorders.  She has POTS, Autonomic Neuropathy, Mitro Valve Prolapse, and a mild form of Ehlers Danlos.  She suffers daily but fights to continue in her education.  We don't know if she will make it through medical school, as you all know, her symptoms may not allow such a rigorous schedule but she won't give up easily.

The good news is that she is studying with a lot of future neurologists and they will all be very familiar with Dysautonomia as her teachers allow her to speak to the class on her disorders.  She is also a strong advocate for "Invisible Illness Awareness".  This is her platform as a contestant in the Miss America pageant system.  She will compete for the title of Miss Louisiana in June 2011.  We have no autonomic doctors or clinics in Louisiana either.  We had to go to Dallas for the testing and diagnosis.  
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The 2011 AAS conference is scheduled to be a joint conference with the ISAN (Internation Society for Autonomic Neuroscience) in Brazil this September.  They already have the website up with info on the upcoming one for this year if people are interested in that again:

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