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  Has anyone here had an organic acids test to see if they have any blocked metabolic pathways, which may be contributing to their symptoms?
My son has a lot of metabolic nutrient deficiencies according to his tests, but he won't swallow the supplements recommended to correct the deficiencies, so I don't know if they would actually be enough to help him.

As an example, for fat and fatty acid metabolism, he has an elevated suberate level, indicating a Carnitine deficiency. Carnitine is an amino acid which moves fat molecules into the mitochondria for energy. Most of your body's energy is produced from the burning of fatty acids. Symptoms sometimes associated with Carnitine deficiency include muscle weakness, fatigue, weight gain, poor cognitive function, lack of endurance and heart disorders.
This is just one example. He has many indications of poor energy metabolism, all with similar symptoms of weakness and fatigue.

He is getting very fat since his surgery, although he is not eating all that much. Carnitine helps with weight loss, so I'm wondering how much this deficiency may be affecting this, and his other problems associated with orthostatic intolerance.

Anyway, I would be interested to hear if anyone has had organic acids and amino acid testing, and if the results of their tests were helpful to you. I think these tests are a real eye-opener, but I have no proof that supplementing with the deficient nutrients would be enough to turn around my son's condition.

Thanks to all who reply.

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   I have not had this test done but Thanks for sharing this info
with us.

  Is this a test done by a Private Lab where you send it off to them (first morning Urine) then they send back results? Did you go through the Medical community to learn about this test or through a chiropractor, or a wholistic nutritionist person?

   This will be quite interesting to see how this takes shape!
If you could PM me when you get rsults back and you are happy w/ what it is saying,
to give me the name of which one you used....I see several different ones.

Take Care,
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I'm sorry! Some how I missed answering your question about the lab. My son has had testing through two different labs -  Metametrix, and The Great Plains Laboratory. The Metametrix test was through a nutritionist, the other ordered by a Homeopathic Doctor. They were mostly the same test, with a few more metabolites added onto the Great Plains test. I'm glad we did the second one, or we wouldn't have found the oxalic acid problem. He had significant hyperoxaluria. (I believe it's an acquired problem for him, not the "inborn metabolic error" type).

Yes, these are tests you do at home and then mail directly to the lab. It's really very easy, but important to follow the directions closely. I paid for the Metametrix test, but my insurance company just happened to be the only one Great Plains uses, so insurance paid for that test. Lucky me!

I am still waiting for a referral to a genetic researcher I want to show these tests to. One of the problems we keep having with summertime doctor visits is that the doctors are frequently on vacation!

Hope you are feeling well today!
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