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Hey everyone. I am so glad that some of y'all are on the up and up. I hope y'all stay that way. It is always good to hear that kind of thing.  Not much new here really.  Friday I was told I have gastritis, which is very uncomfortable.  Still being a guinea pig with the meds. Hopefully will figure out the right combo soon.  Thanks for all of your support and continue to take care of yourselves.

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Sorry to hear about the gastritis.  :-(  Bad tummy!!  Can they give you anything for it, or is that something that just goes away on its own?  I hope you start feeling better soon!


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   I too am sorry to here of your tummy issues. I, from experience, Can ceratinly relate!!!
I am guessing the doc had you on a specific meal plan.. as well as avoiding all carbonated drinks as well as any acidic juices.  In fact I NEVER drink sodas anymore and can no longer tolerate anything w/ any kind of Tomato base..(Pizza, Spaghetti) pretty much all the yummy stuff ...Lol

    Were you dx through an Endoscopy procedure?  
Get rest and feel better  :)


I take all responsibility for all spelling and grammar errors....But only when
it is spelled and written properly...Lol
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