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Vasovagal Instability and SVT

Hi All,

Was just recently diagnosed with vasovagal instability. My primary basically mentioned Dysautonomia approx 2 years ago. I also have SVT and have suffered with it since childhood.

Do any of you have both Dysautonomia and heart arrhythmias? I just experienced a really bad episode of SVT - worse one I think I've ever had... my heart rate went up to 210 bpm. My cardiologist went through me with every test under the sun; stress (both treadmill and nuclear die), EKG, echo, and holter monitor... all were clear and normal.

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I have Dysautonomia, as well as a heart arrhythmia.  (Thought to be Long QT Syndrome at this point, though if I recall correctly, there was some question of SVT in the past.)  In any case, I am being treated for both.

Are you being treated for either your SVT or Dysautonomia?  Beta Blockers are often used to treat SVT, and can be used to treat some of the symptoms associated with Dysautonomia as well.  Though not all patients with Dysautonomia are able to tolerate Beta Blockers.  Do you have a tendency toward higher, or lower blood pressure?  Have you ever had a Tilt Table Test?

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Thank you for your reply. I'm not currently taking anything for either the SVT or Dysautonomia. I am an athlete (or should say "was"). I want so badly to get back to working out regularly and have been really depressed over this whole mess. But I realize too, it could be alot worse.

My blood pressure is perfect (for the most part). Do the Beta Blockers slow you down and make you tired? Does a person tend to gain weight on them?

Thanks again for your reply and all the best!
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