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Vasovagal syncope - anyone have these circumstances?

My 34-year-old son recently fainted -- not his first time, it has happened every so many years -- but it was concerning because he was just walking down a sidewalk, no triggers/warnings, was lucky he didn't mess up his face/head too badly (but he did some) or get hit by a car.  He then lost consciousness twice in the ER where his heart stopped for 30-50 seconds each time, including once was while asleep.  After a battery of heart tests, he's still diagnosed with vasovagal syncope and nothing more.  Anyone have similarly alarming circumstances?  Any luck avoiding a repeat?
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Syncope with no prodrome whatsoever has a higher chance of being from cardiac cause than syncope that has a prodrome. That being said, there are people with vasovagal syncope who go down very rapidly with little or no warning. I also find the asystole you describe in the ER concerning, though again, asystole can accompany vasovagal syncope.

What specific tests were done? Has your son been evaluated by an electrophysiologist (aka. "EP Cardiologist") in particular? Did they do an ambulatory event monitor or implantable loop recorder study? Head-up tilt table test?
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