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autonomic dysfunction

Hi! i have a 31 y/o sister who is actually in and out of the hospital for almost 2 years now. She is Diabetic and i believe everything is related to that...Recently, she experiences fainting almost all the time, like multiple times a day, experiences nausea and vomiting, severe chronic diarrhea (literally pooping more than urinating). She is also unable to eat. Health professionals in our office suggested for her to do some lab tests to see if she was anemic and also to consult a hematologist as her BP reads 80/60 (and one instance that even the nurses and doctors in an emergency room can no longer read her BP as it is very low). Blood test result showed that it is within normal limits and the doctor suggested for her to go back to her previous hospital where she was confined last as they have all her lab tests and is more equipped. She is to have some test (tilt table, and i dont know what else) to confirm if she have autonomic dysfunction. Can you like tell me what's the prognosis if she have this condition? any treatments? meds? any help or suggestion is very much appreciated!
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First of all I am so sorry your sister is having so much happen all at once.  That can be overwhelming for her and for you as her sister.  I hope she is able to get the help she needs as soon as possible as that is key.  If she does have autonomic dysfunction then she needs to see someone who specializes in that so she can get adequately tested and get tx.  Autonomic dysfunction differs in how it manifests  depending on many factors so it is a broad category but certainly there are many things that can be done to help a person live with the condition.  Most of us on this forum have some form of autonomic dysfunction and pool information on things that have helped.  There are organizations that have information about it and one of those is at this site:  http://www.dinet.org/  You can go there and read more about this category plus they have information about things that can help, things that are not helpful, and they also have a list of doctors who specialize in autonomic dysfunction.  Three clinics that have departments that deal with this area are the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, and  Vanderbilt although there are others as well.  They can do testing not available in other places that help define the problem.  There is also a handbook on line for patients but I would have to look up that link.  BP management is  very important as is fluid management.  I hope your sister can access the help she needs.  Marie
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I notice you are in the Philippines- is your sister scheduled to travel to get the tilt table test or do they have that available where you live?  (Please see my reply in your inbox.)
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